6 Books Every Proper Hostess Must Have

I love playing hostess and having any old reason to prepare for an event! I was looking around for some fun accoutrement the other day for an upcoming birthday shindig a friend of mine and I are throwing and I found some super fun and beyond awesome books I think it would behoove any hostess to have either available for guests or to get some pointers from. These books look like so much fun I assumed everyone could benefit as well as enjoy.

The Zombie Survival Guide


The Zombie Survival Guide This could quite possibly be the ultimate hostess book ever. How better to appease your guests by giving them access to life saving tips for the ever present and always possible threat of the Zombie Apocalypse? To be taken much more seriously than that silly Y2K, December 21, 2012, The Rapture and Heaven’s Gate combined. We all know that the Zombies can and will take over our world and perhaps the universe one day. The key to being a successful hostess is preparedness. This book could cement your position as top dog in your circle so I suggest you get your hands on this new “Bible” ASAP.





Unbored Have you ever thrown an event that didn’t go over too well?  Perhaps the people aren’t meshing or the mood is awkward with a capital A? It happens to the best of us. You can’t always control the crowd or tell how certain things might go over. To avoid any further embarrassment why not have Unbored at the ready just in case. A good hostess should always have back up plans to keep everything running smooth. Who knows, Unbored could be the hit of the entire party even if it didn’t start out to be boring.  No one wants to be known for failing at an event or for throwing blah parties! Have this little secret weapon available at all times.



The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You


The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You Do you or someone you know check Web MD every time something feels amiss? I know I do and I scare the crap out of myself. I know people make jokes and searching online for random ailments has become a favorite pastime for many so why not have a book where you can easily look up if you gave a guest food poisoning or put something they are highly allergic to in the main course. If someone comes over looking mildly ill you can figure out whether to send them home immediately or if the rest of your guests will be safe from the bird flu. If all else fails and conversation has come to a stand still whip out your handy dandy book full of things that might kill you and scare the fun back into your evening.


The Vintage Tea Party Book


The Vintage Tea Party Book is very chic if you ask me. I know tea parties/shabby chic is so in right now so why not get hip to the tea party tid bits you might be missing out on. Throw a real actual vintage tea party. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and knowledge.  If you are into crafting or event planning this really is a great book for you.  It is also a great gift or coffee table book because it is so darn pretty.  How about if your friends need some immediate classing up?  This book could be a very subtle way to tell your besties that they are a tincer unseemly and that they need to brush up on their lady-like-ness before summer is here.  We all know that unclassy broads only attract unclassy bros and who wants those at their party?


The Jane Austen Handbook



The Jane Austen Handbook is obviously a personal favorite as she makes my world turn but let’s just be honest here for a moment and accept that she is the Coco Chanel for unrequited love and all things proper.  One cannot throw a perfectly proper event without some hints from she who is the most refined.  If you don’t know who Jane Austen is after immediately smacking yourself in the face and writing moron on your forehead in a black Sharpie please venture to the nearest e-reader and please culture yourself because I fear any party you are throwing and your guests probably do as well.

Feminist Ryan Gosling



Feminist Ryan Gosling Not a person on the planet has any excuse not to purchase this book.   It should just come automatically with any living space any individual on the entire planet Earth could possibly inhabit, cardboard boxes, cars and caves included. This will make more than just your event amazing it will make your life amazing. We all know the magical powers Sir Ryan Gosling possesses. No one is capable of resisting his awesome not even the one and only Chuck Norris! Not purchasing this book is an affront to love, romance and anything that might possibly be even a little good ever in the history of ever and every person that comes to your events will automatically think you and your event suck because you were not gracious enough to have a copy of this book for everyone to drool over and on!

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