A Fab New Look For Your Old Plates

New Look For Old Plates

New Look For Old Plates

Cameos and silhouettes are a classic pattern that has been back in full force for a while now. Instead of going out and buying expensive new home decor why not do it yourself and save some money? You can get exactly what you want if you do it yourself. If you have old plates at home or mismatched sets instead of throwing them out why not spruce them up! I have seen these in a few different places and thought this is an amazing idea if you are a crafter or even if you want to get some new home decor.


Sticker Paper
Spray Paint
Glue Gun
Craft odds & ends you have from around the house


1. Find the silhouette images you like on line and print them out on the recycled sticker paper.
2. Place the sticker on the plate in the desired area.
3. Spray the plates any color or combination of colors you want.
4. Let the plates dry for 5 to 10 minutes depending on colors and coats
5. Add any odds and ends you can find from around the house to spruce up your plates. (ie ribbons, sequins, broken jewelry


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