A Few Rebecca Minkoff Must Haves

Here are some super cute Rebecca Minkoff Accessories your summer should never be without! From pouches to sunglass cases why not spruce up the little things just for fun.

Unemployed PouchThe Unemployed Pouch I just plain think this is funny! Why you would be spending $55 on a pouch that says unemployed I am not sure but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cute or a good reminder to save your money for a rainy day. It’s perhaps the adult version of a piggy bank that isn’t shaped like a jar or can or worse a crayon.

Lolita Sunglass Pouch Lolita Sunglass PouchThis is just so super cute. A sunglasses case with sunglasses on it! Come on! Amazing! No need to worry where you put your glasses or that they might get scratched!

Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah Make-up PouchDo I really need to say more other than this is soo super cute and a must have for any season. Use it as a cosmetic case or even a clutch if you want. Whatever you do just use it!

Rebecca Minkoff Trompe Loeil Laptop CaseWant a laptop case that looks like a laptop? Here you go! How cute is this! I lurve it alot! You can protect your laptop while being super sassy at the same time.

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