A New Kind of Necklace

I have a deep love for Ecoist.com. Everytime I go to their store I fall in love with something new. This time I ran into Ecoist Scarf Necklace. Ecoist’s necklace is perfect for cool summer nights or to wear during the day under a blazer. The Necklace is made of upcycled t-shirts and fabric remnants.


This one is animal print which I feel will never be uncool or out of style! but there are other colors and patterns. I cannot get over how hot these necklaces are! Picture a strapless long dress with the only accessory being this and a belt! Since the necklace is made from light weight materials it isn’t heavy to wear.

If you have never heard of Ecoist.com you are seriously missing out.  Ecoist.com has some of the hottest bags, jewelry and accessories I have seen in a long time especially for being recycled.

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