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Adopt Don’t Shop


Diary oh Diary!! Last night the BF’s bestie said that he just purchased a dog for his gf for the holidays.  I won’t go into the boring details of why she shouldn’t own a dog or why she isn’t worth it to be the bf’s bestie’s gf but lets leave it at its always the unworthy that get the most breaks in life isnt it?
Anyway, besides purchasing a pet for the holidays being one of the worst times to get a pet for multiple reasons they didn’t even adopt they bought a dog. I might go on to offend some folks here but I don’t really care. NEVER BUY A DOG FROM A BREEDER IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t need a pocket sized dog or to spend thousands on an animal that has been bred with its family members over and over. You know what inbreeding does to humans, do you think it is any different in animals??? NO!
If you don’t know I do some work with rescues and believe firmly in saving animal lives. Hundreds of dogs are destroyed everyday in every state some in gas chambers and others are put to sleep regularly because there is no where to put them and because people are soo concerned with having some dog they saw some celebrity with that they have to spend $5000 on a pooch that will probably die in less than 10 years because it was birthed from a mother and son spawn that has been soo inbred that the insides aren’t right and genetic defects become so much more prominent with the same line that the dog drops dead at 2 from some stupid thing that could have been prevented and there goes the $5000 you handed to the breeder, all the money you spent on dumb clothes, costumes, treats, toys, grooming, day care and whatever else for your designer dog.
Do you know in some areas they through 20-50 dogs in a gas chamber to save money and kill them all at once? Did you know to save money when they destroy most abandoned dogs they don’t even bother to put them to sleep first they just inject them with the chemicals immediately? Did you also know that more than 80% of abandoned dogs are pitbulls?
So now that my rant is almost over I have to say that although this puppy that was purchased is a cute little boxer, I told this idiot of a chick I would give her boxer rescue info and that she could save money and because she is soo shallow, even find her an abandoned puppy but no she decided to make her bf drive all of the way to New Hampshire, pay a ton of money for a dog she won’t even be taking care of and for that matter a dog the bf really didn’t want. She doesn’t even cook or clean her own home the bf does it. They had a stray cat that she swore she loved but she wouldn’t let it in the house cuz she swore she was allergic to it and for that matter her excuse for never coming over to our house was she was deathly allergic to animals (we have 4).
This chick pretends she is this free love type hippie when all I can see is an irresponsible, fake, and selfish person who doesn’t deserve a puppy of any kind and because of her selfishness and people much like her poor innocent animals are abandoned and then killed on a daily basis. Remember if you ever are thinking about a pet make sure you are ready. If you even think there would be a reason to give it up don’t do it. Many animals that go to kill shelters have between 48-72 hours before they are destroyed if they are not saved. Pitbulls, seniors, sick or injured pets have even less of a chance. Please be kind and ADOPT DONT SHOP! Help save the ones this selfish trash refused to! Happy Holidays!


  1. I don’t think giving pets as gifts is a good idea in general, unless you know very well that the person wants a pet AND have a good idea if the type of pet they would most love to have. Otherwise you are taking a chance that your precious gift may be in a pound or even worse.

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