Always A Fan of Unconventionality



I keep reading articles about how marriages are going more and more unconventional these days as religion seems to be taking a back burner to peoples ultimate happiness. I can’t say I understand the business of marriage anymore other than people don’t know any different and everyone loves the idea of a wedding and the events that lead up to it, but when reality sets in people only then realize what they have gotten themselves into. My parents were together for 30 years and there are only 2 cases of divorce ever in my huge family, which was devastating to everyone but I could never understand why. Most poeople marry due to obligation, surprise pregnancy or under durress whether it be religious or familial.
I also like the idea of a big wedding and all of the funness that is rumored to go along with it but to be honest I just don’t get what the big deal is. Sleeping with the same person for the rest of you life I don’t care who you are gets boring no matter what tactics you try. People either just stop having it all together or they lie to the rest of the struggeling world about what really goes on in their marriage. I really think that sex is the ultimate reason why long term marriages and relationships go down the tubes. I think if people were more concerned about talking about wanting to sleep with other people while still maintaining in a loving, happy relationship there would be much less divorce, anomocity and far less unfaithfulness. I never really thought sex was about love or any of that romanic crap that is shoved down our throats. I knew I wanted it, I was good at it and it made me feel good. Why would you be afraid to tell your partner “Hey we both know what is going on lets be open and honest and figure out a solution that suits us both.” I can tell you one major reason why for women, Fairy Tales! They are taught to us ladies and it is ingrained in our head that if your man loves you it is you forever and the same for you no matter what. Unfortuntaly when fairy tales were invented religion and not sense ruled the worldm women weren’t very respected and people really didn’t last that long so the chance that you would be able to find another partner in your life time was quite feasible.
Many people are choosing now to test out these “unconventional” relationships to see if they do infact work. I have yet to read about anyone not enjoying their “unconventional” situation other than people who used it as a last ditch effort to keep their parter.  It is nothing against you personally or your bedly ways. No woman wants to wear the same pair of shoes or handbag forever right. You don’t want to be eternally wearing outfits from 2000 do you? Remember when your sex life was wild and crazy and you had sex all of the time? I can see how 30 years later that might not be soo appealing. I am not advocating banging everything you come across but why not have regular bootie calls with people you trust and that trust you? If everyone is safe and adult I don’t see why this can’t work. I bet it would even add a little spice back into your marriage relationship as well. Who knows, you might even go back to your conventional ways after the first attempts. Every woman wants to be wanted, it makes us feel sexy. I canonly assume men feel the same way. What if we could be wanted and act on it as well? No need to feel less-than or that your other doesn’t want you anymore because you both are bored. I bet less people would be leaving their families and there would be less divorcing or unhappin
I am no fool this could cause significate problems in some relationships and perhaps some people might not be able to handle that sort of freedom but those are probably the same peole who would have done things regardless of any arrangement. Not all people can or will help their impulses. I am confident enough in my bedroom behavior and womanliness that I think if approached and discussed with appropriately the bf and I could successfully come to an agreement that benefits us both. Do you think you could be unconventional with your significant other?

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