Animal Rescues

Get started with the Animal Rescue today!You may not be aware of the Animal Rescue Site and if that is the case I am here to tell you about it. Rescuing animals from certain death is definitely a cause I am 110% about. I have 4 rescues of my own and welcome the fact that I may be an animal hoarder one day but until that day comes I want to explain to you my loverly readers what happens to animals that have been abandonded or turned over. If you bring your animal to a facility that is not specifically a no kill shelter your animals chance of survival is next to nil. If you abandon your pet thinking it is in their best interest because you can no longer take care of them you are wrong. The odds that they get adopted is slim the odds they arent killed is even slimmer. Please do me a favor and if you cannot keep your pet please make sure you deliver your pet to a shelter that is no kill! If you cannot deal with your pet any longer do not get another pet ever! If you cannot afford to keep your pet I beg you that when you can afford anything think about the pet you abandonded who was most likely murdered and donate to any animal safety related causes you can to give back after your animal was probably carelessly put down and shoved into a drum to be made into soap, chapstick or laundry detergent. In the very last case if you can do nothing else click once a day here to help feed shelter animals.
I totally hate to be the Debbie Downer today but it is 3pm on Friday and in NY alone 15 animals have been destroyed because their owner decided they could no longer care for their pet. These 15 are only the ones we are told about that isn’t counting any other states especially the ones down south that gas more than 50 at a time to save money and time.

Get started with the Animal rescue today!

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