The Rustic Shop Has Some Cool SH**

I have recently been introduced to the store The Rustic Shop and they have some super cool merchandise. I am loving their clothing selections right now. Normally anything that even hints at country I cringe at but The Rustic Shop does a good job at masking the hoe-down feel. Since I am loving it I thought maybe you should too so here are some awesome pieces I have found that I think you might like too!


Crossing Arrows Vintage Style Tank Top Shirt

Crossing Arrows Vintage Style Tank Top Shirt

This light weight beauty is perfect for layering or lounging until the warm weather months are back. The design is a favorite for many I am sure.

Product Description $29.99
Ladies sizing–Small to 4x sizing–Slightly fitted
These are ladies sizing and run true to size.
**To order plus size, please go to the plus size category.
Slightly Fighted
Slightly Stretch
4.3-ounce, 100% ring spun combed cotton

Blue and Pink Bright Aztec and Floral Print Stretch Leggings

Blue and Pink Bright Aztec and Floral Print Stretch Leggings

You know I love me some leggings and this pair is delightfully adorbs!!! They have it in brown too!!!

Product Description $14.99
Leggings are one of the hottest fashion trends. They are easy to wear, comfortable and can be worn with a wide range of tops, shoes, and accessories.
These leggings are a mix of blue, pink, and other colors with a bright and fun aztec and floral print

uper stretch with elastic waistband
Smooth polyester-like feel on the outside
Approximately 28″ inseam
85% Cotton, 15% spandex and polyester

One size fits most average size women sizes S-XL
These would fit juniors sizing S-2XL



Gray and Black Chevron Print "Say It With Sass" Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Gray and Black Chevron Print “Say It With Sass” Sleeveless Maxi Dress

When is chevron going to be over!! Said no one ever! Maxi dresses are perfect year round! This also comes in red and black for those who prefer louder colors.

Product Description
This maxi dress has gorgeous gray and black combination in a contrasting chevron pattern.

Women’s sizing – runs true to size
Elastic stretch band under chest where solid top fabric meets chevron print

Gray and Black
Chevron Print
Polyester / Rayon Material Blend

Triangular Print Black Gray and Turquoise Cardigan Top

Triangular Print Black Gray and Turquoise Cardigan Top

The pattern and colors on this cardigan are to die for and just in time for cool weather colors to boot!

Product Description

Our “Aztec Away” top has a gorgeous combination of teal blue, white, and black. It has double layer ruffle sleeves that are super trendy. You’ll surely turn heads with this top.
Women’s sizing
This is a loose-fit top
Please order accordingly
Aztec Print
100% Polyester
Made in USA

Is Fitbit For Me

Fitbit Activity Tracker

Fitbit Activity Tracker



My family has decided to have our own personal Biggest Loser Challenge which I am certainly participating in. The winner will receive $600 at the end of our 6 month challenge. I have been doing what I can, admittedly not enough as per usual, to get on track and beat some of my beloved family members. I recently noticed one of my aunts and uncles with Fitbit band and realized I have been seeing this for a while unknowingly. Now I see it everywhere and wonder if it is a better system of tracking than my phone.
I decided to do some research on Fitbit wristband I’ve been seeing:

-Accurately track all-day stats like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed, and active minutes
-See daily stats, time of day, and exercise mode with a bright OLED display
-Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
-Get call notifications right on your wrist
-Access real-time run stats like time, distance, and pace to stay on track
-Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 120 leading smartphones

This particular one has gotten some amazing reviews but I can’t help but wonder if it is the new trend in tracking. Should I spend $100 and change on it or wait to see what the next trend is?
I really do like the fact that the bracelet can be much more accurate than keeping your phone on you all day which is sometimes as impossible as it is annoying. That being said is a cheap old pedometer the way to go and I can just enter that information in to my various apps or should I suck it up, spend the money and just see how it goes?

Have you triedFitbit
? How do you feel about it?





There is an event going on now on Facebook where you can meet April our Plexus Ambassador and our other amazing representatives! Join us for Black Friday Event and shop in comfort with out crowds, parking or having to vary heavy bags! Click here to join!

Plexus is another one I have been wanting to try. I have always been a bit round and although I eat right and exercise regularly nothing seems to help. I see people everywhere trying Plexus all over the place so I figure it has to be doing something for people. This is yet another reason why I enjoy these online events so much because you get to participate and interact with the rep as well as learn about the products without having to leave your home where you can ask all of the questions you need and get one on one attention from the representative.

About me: My name is April. I’m a busy mom to three children. 1 girl (19) and 2 boys (3) and (1). I’ve battled with weight my entire life and I’ve lost it all and gained it back. After these last two children it seems I have no control over cravings because let’s face it for me stress equals EAT FOOD for me! I was on the fence about Plexus for an entire year and I finally decided I needed help and my happiness and health was worth the price! I decided to become an Ambassador with Plexus because I want to let people in on this product. Plexus is amazing. It does amazing things for your body. I have just begun my journey and I cannot wait to post pictures of my success. I have a few testimonials from other Plexus customers I want to share:

Fan page:

Store Link:


It Works Global

    There is an event going on now on Facebook where you can meet Stacy our It Works Presenter and our other amazing representatives! Join us for Black Friday Event and shop in comfort with out crowds, parking or having to vary heavy bags! Click here to join! I personally haven’t had the chance to try Itworks but I have always wanted to. Anything to get this round girl skinny I am in! Thank goodness for this Facebook event so that I can get my butt in gear ahead of time and keep myself on track for the holidays! Have you ever tried Itworks products? My name is Stacey Melton and I am an independent distributor for Itworks global. My husband is a SGT for the Army National Guard. We got married in 2008 and have a 7 year old daughter named Faith, 2 year old son named Lucas and I am currently pregnant with our third child! Right now we live in Fredericksburg VA but hope to soon be able to move to Cocoa FL to closer to family. Itworks Global was founded in 2001 and became completely debt free in 2004! We have been featured in Forbes fastest growing MLMs and we have also been in Success From Home Magazine. Since joining this company, I have grown into the person I knew I was always meant to be. I have made friendships with strangers who I now consider to be family. The love and support we give each other on a daily basis was not something I had expected. I love that our company is a christian based company and we can always go to each other for anything! I have also been able to stay home full time with my kids which has been such a blessing to my family! By next year my goal is to be able to retire my husband and for us to be able to move to FL. If there is one thing this company has taught me its that, anything is possible as long as you put in the effort to make it happen. That’s exactly what I have been doing and I have already started seeing it come true with myself and many many others!

Jamberry Nails

There is an event going on now on Facebook where you can meet Allison Romango our Jamberry Representative and our other amazing representatives! Join us for Black Friday Event and shop in comfort with out crowds, parking or having to vary heavy bags! Click here to join!

I recently purchased from Jamberry because lately trying to get my nails done has been impossible. I am so busy I don’t have time for it. Plus with all of the cool nail trends and styles out there I was getting bored of the plain polish I have been doing. I don’t have time to sit at a salon as of late and with the holidays coming up you can’t be seen with icky nails so Jamberry seemed like an excellent alternative. I had to have the Mint Green Chevron which seemed perfect for any holiday occasion and because I love them I couldn’t resist the Poised Peacock.  The best part is they stay on for about 2 weeks.  No chipping or breaking! I can finally walk around with out looking like I work on a farm.

To introduce you to Jamberry is Allison and here is her story.   My name is Allison and about 6 months ago I began my Jamberry journey. Jamberry is a heat activated nail wrap that last on your fingers for up to 2 weeks and on your toes for up to 6!!! It is an amazing product and I love it so much I decided to share my love for it and sell it.  Being a part of Jamberry has changed my life. I can help provide more for my family and I have met so many amazing people. Please contact me if you are interested in joining my team or hosting your own Facebook party!!!

My website:

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara




There is an event going on now on Facebook where you can meet Jana our Younique Presenter and our other amazing representatives! Join us for Black Friday Event and shop in comfort with out crowds, parking or having to vary heavy bags! Click here to join!

Have you heard of or ever tried Younique? Well I have and I love it! The products are great, the company store is lovely and who doesn’t love some pretty cosmetics for the holidays. I have personally tried Youniques Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder because I have some serious allergies to make up especially on my eyes and after using them I am in love.

My name is Jana, I am a stay at home wife and mom of 5. Myself and 3 of my daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease July of 2013, this started me on a search for gluten free, natural make up and skin care. I had a friend that was doing an online party for Younique, I purchased the 3D Fiberlash mascara and fell in love. I looked further into their other products and realized this was the line of products I needed. After ordering their skin care and make up, I learned that Younique products are the best quality.
I soon realized I wanted to become a presenter to share these products, and honestly, I have 4 daughters, getting a discount was a great bonus :) Our commission plan is the best I’ve seen, I am paid 4 hours after each sale, a website is provided free from Younique. We have amazing training and customer support. Parties can be done either in homes or online, having 5 children under 12, being able to do online parties that take a few minutes a day is a great benefit to me.

Our number one seller is our 3D Fiberlash mascara, it gives you 300x’s the length of your lashes. Easily washes off, no harm to lashes. It uses green tea fibers to great amazing long eye lashes!

I would love to answer any questions about our amazing products, doing a party for you or giving information about joining my team, this is an amazing company and proud to be apart of it!

Facebook page:
Email address:

It’s Ok To Be Single On Valentines Day

Personally, after realizing this is going to be the 2nd year in the past 20 something years of not having an actual Valentine I have learned some things. Last year I was fresh off of a major break up and having no one did depress me to the max, even lead me to make some less than intelligent decisions, I am currently still making.
This year I have a new thought process. I have 3 of my closest friends who are in happy, loving, long term relationships all leading to marriages, which is what they all want. I have my amazing family that loves me to the point of suffocation and my pets (yes, I realize this should be that pivotal moment in my life where I realize I will be a single cat lady until I die but it’s cool) that make every bad day better. I have tons of love in my life. This year I had the opportunity to make one of my life long goals come to fruition, and I am on my way to getting all of my ducks in a row with other projects and life goals as well. This year I realize what I should be celebrating this Valentines Day…is myself.
I like where I am, what I am doing and who I have become in the past 2 years. It isn’t always easy, it is totally not always fun or happy but that is part of the inevitable process of being an adult.
I can honestly say this year I am alright with being single and that I have no reason to be sad or depressed. I have plenty of people who love me platonically and romantically, even if I can’t return the feelings. That is nothing to be depressed about.
This year I decide to celebrate love because it does exist, I see it and feel it every day which is something that should be recognized. I see it everyday in my loved ones and I enjoy it. I am happy for my loves who have the things they have always wanted in a partner and want to celebrate for them as well. I refuse to be angry, sad, depressed or selfish because that isn’t want this Hallmark holiday is about. In the end I am Ok with being single this Valentine’s Day because I have love. I’ve known love and recognize that it will always be there for me lover or not.

The Following


I swoon over the K-Bac just as much as the next woman. I will love him always however K-Bac has some competition on The Following with his arch nemesis James Purefoy who I would like murder me dead any day. I am not sure if it is the ever attractive English accent or the swoony mysteriousness or just the plain old violent bad-assy-ness of the Joe Carroll but I love me some cult-ish!!
The show is awesome enough with those two but I am majorly crushing on Valorie Curry too. Last season she seemed to be a “mousy” preppy little thing that had a penchant for stabbing peeps up and sleeping with the boss but these season she is all punk rock and pierced up which makes me just want to squeeze her until she poops!
If you missed last season get on it and get right into this season. I am loving these great creepy shows that are coming out!! The Following started right when American Horror Story: Coven ended which was sad until I got to see my new #mcm Joe Carroll and #wcw Emma Hill. The only thing I don’t love it it forces me to watch FOX who always has good shows just really crappy news/owners, I try to get past it when they do things like this. Either way I’m loving it and if you aren’t into it yet you need to be or you have missed the buss of life!!!

If Prince Charming Existed

If Prince Charming Existed

If Prince Charming Existed


Since the V-day is on its way. I know I say many a thing about how amazing being single is or why I don’t need a man in past posts but what if the infamous Prince did exist? I have voiced my opinion about fairy tales and happy endings but if per chance Prince Charming did exist, I wonder how quickly I would change my tune. If by some mystical reason he did exist and exist for me, I am not sure I have a clear drawn out picture of who he would be. My last, most significant ex, I was with for almost 7-ish years and he was not a prince by far. In an effort to contradict myself, he was as close to my ideal as I ever expected could exist. We did grow together, which is an actual concept I feel my “prince charming” should be able to grasp. Not just growth as a couple but individually. I think the ex and my most basic downfall was as our relationship grew in length of time we individually grew apart but not in bad ways necessarily. We out grew our relationship is perhaps the best way to put it. We to this day are still so similar to each other it’s scary but our relationship wasn’t enough for me. He didn’t love me or appreciate me enough, I thought, but Prince Charming would, he should right? For as long as I was with my ex I don’t think he ever really saw me or actually understood me. I have yet to find a man that clearly does.
If I could cherry pick this prince to be everything I aspire to have and even dreamt a man could be this would be a cinch. The Prince and I don’t have to want the same things or even like them but he needs to let me have mine while I let him have his. He must have a drive and aspirations to always do and be better but not so much so that it is overwhelming or alienating. He needs motivation and can never stop dreaming or being inspired. Mr. Princey Pants must love my big huge obnoxious family and never question my dedication the them or to him. He has to love them and want to be with them as much as I do or else he is useless to me.
Since we are dreaming up the man why not dream up the scenario to boot?!?! I would like my prince to swoop in to my life at one point because he knew I would be in need of a compass (because my morals often do need a direction). He would be a steadfast pinnacle to lead me and give me hope that despite all of the insecurity and fear I deny exists in my head that this love will not be bad and it will continuously prove to be a momentous addition to my life and maybe soul (I am still unsure if those things exist but I am using it more as an adjective for dramatic effect). He will show me that I have to trust in myself because in the end the path that I want to be there, the one I know has to exist for me is there. All I have to do is just take it.
Maybe I’m spoiled that way. That I want and need a man to possess those qualities otherwise I feel he is unfit for me. I need a man to evoke so a sense of pride, happiness and respect from me because he feels the same about me. I want to trust him implicitly to the point that my cell is his cell; my computer is his computer and the like. I have never been that honest or comfortable with a significant other in my life but I would like to be. The Prince would let me be.
I also don’t think it is too much to ask for him to be a super tall, heavily bearded full of tattoos kind of guy either…I mean while we are dreaming. He also has to love animals unconditionally, not be a huge fan of murdering them or wanting me to. I would want him to be creative in some capacity and not be a racist, Obama hating conservative because that would be awful. I would one day wind up on Snapped or some such nonsense.
All jokes aside I don’t need anything fancy. I want a real man who respects me, our relationship and the life we build together. The idea of marriage and children really make no sense to me and most of it is because Prince Charming doesn’t seem to exist. Not any where I have looked anyway. While many of my friends and family members claim to have found him once the honeymoon stage is over everyone is in the same complacent discontent with each other. Once couple after the next one upping their horrible experiences of married and parent life. Maybe Charming doesn’t exist and is Prince Ok You’ll Do….For Now. That however isn’t really good enough for me. If I choose to love you and share my life with you, you are balls to the wall all in or I am out quicker than you can blink. I’ve learned giving chance doesn’t change the person it gives them a respite to find something wrong with you and even the score. At this point as charming as that Prince dream may be I think I will stick with my mini zoo until someone maybe one day really shakes things up for me and forces me to change my mind.

Handbag Heresy

Handbag Heresy

Handbag Heresy



I feel like a trader.  I doubted Betsey and my commitment to her when I should not have.  I could not for the life of me find a new handbag that I loved at any of my fave online stores! Every year for Christmas I search far and wide to find the Betsey bag I of my dreams. Unfortunately this year I could not.  This particular bag was sold out everywhere or only available in a semi hideous color of pink and orange which under normal circumstances I might have loved but when comparing between that and leopard print there really is no competition.
Then I tried to find any bag that was awesome, by any designer. I hang my head in shame while I am typing that statement. Even then, I still couldn’t find one, which made me terribly sad. Almost inconsolable in fact. I lost the will to shop for a short period of time and gave up my search. Betsey bags are my heart and soul. My bag choices are a reflection of me, even on my shabbiest of days. I can look at my new (or old) bag and think if I were an inanimate object I would look just like this. My selection each holiday or birthday season is a process that my OCD takes very seriously. This year didn’t even feel like Christmas after this debacle.
After forever searching high and low and the holiday season being way over what did I find?!?!?! My bag of course! The Betsey Johnson Tough Love Tote in LEOPARD PRINT! Not only was it available but it was almost 1/2 the price! Oh handbag gods, and my personal savior Betsey Johnson I vow to never go against the laws of fierceness again. I shall repent and say 10 Hail Betsey’s until I feel cleansed.
I cannot tell you how in love with this bag I am. I find myself staring at it wondering how I ever got so lucky to possess such a work of art. If you love Betsy the way I do you better get to shopping because right now you can receive 10% off $50 + FS using promo code FEBBJ10 at Betsey Johnson!.