Baby Proof
Baby Proof


I have read a few of Emily Griffins books before and I like them. Since my book club books have been leaving something to be desired I went through my to read pile and noticed I purchased Baby Proof forever ago and never read it. I figured it would be a quick enjoyable read. I have yet to finish it but so far I like it. I am a fan of any woman who decides to not fall in line and stick up for what she wants. I have a feeling however Claudia will be changing her mind by the end which will be quite disappointing but until I know for sure I am liking this book. If you have never heard of Baby Proof
here is a little bit of what it is about:

Claudia Parr has everything going for her. A successful editor at a publishing house in Manhattan, she’s also a devoted sister, aunt, and friend. Yet she’s never wanted to become a mother–which she discovers is a major hurdle to marriage, something she desperately wants. Then she meets her soul mate Ben who, miraculously, feels the same way about parenthood. The two fall in love and marry, committed to one another and their life of adventure and discovery. All’s well until one of them has a change of heart. Someone wants a baby after all.

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