Bah Humbug to Me I Guess

Bah Humbug
Bah Humbug


I hate to be all bah-humbug lately which is very unlike me usually but this week has just gotten me down. This week has shown me how unappreciated I am in some aspects of my life which leads me to wonder am I a push over? Is my niceness being confused with weakness? I hope not because I am soo far from it. I was really looking forward to some exciting things happening this week for me that some important people in my life apparently didn’t feel were important to them. It makes me wonder how far out of my way I should go for these people in the future. I don’t like to play the tit for tat game but sometimes you just have to.
It really just burns my biscuits to think that my hard work and effort is really just expected and not appreciated. In my head I keep saying you should be grateful because many others aren’t as lucky as you are and don’t get the advantages you do especially during the holidays and while keeping that in mind the same goes if the roles are reversed. I think it is time to pull up my big girl britches and take matters into my own hands. No longer will I just be comfortable! I will have to take these facets of my life and boost them up on my own and not expect anyone else to appreciate my hard work and efforts. Maybe my loyalty and hard work would be better appreciated else where.
I am really just disappointed in these people and am hurt on more than just a personal level. One would think after certain instances in some individuals lives that have effected them forever they would be more appreciative of real, honest, loyal people in their lives but I guess in the end you have to play the tit for tat and when one side really doesn’t add up maybe it is time to move on and say I have hit the cieling here and can go no further.
I will be thankful for the things and people I do have in my life, grateful for the new ones and mindful of the past. That is the best I can do and learn from it all in the meantime. This is a time to be appreciative especially when soo many have soo little and are probably grateful to have that so I am going to do my best but my heart and head are a little bruised for the time being. Maybe some champs will cure what ails me?

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