Banana Wraps

Banana Wraps

Banana Wraps

This is one of my absolutely fave foods! Banana and Nutella anything makes me content. It reminds me of being a little kid and the yummy snacks my grandmother would make for us as kids. I saw this recipe recently somewhere and I had to share because everyone has a cheat day right? Try it for brunch or cut into pieces and serve as party snacks.



8 egg roll wrappers
3 organic bananas
2 tbsp Brummel & Brown ( I am not a fan of butter but you can use it if you like)
2 tbsp confectioners’ sugar


1. Slice the bananas in to 1/2 rounds.
2. Melt the Brummel & Brown
3. Take the wrapper, making the point facing you, put four banana slices in the center of the wrapper.
4. Top the bananas with Nutella
6. Brush the edges with Brummel & Brown
7. Roll the wrapper up like a burrito and then brush the wrap with butter
8. Place in a pan and cook until brown, occasionally flipping the wrap to brown the entire wrap.
9. When done place on places and sprinkle with confectioners sugar.

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