BH Cosmetics

If you are new to make up or a beginner BH Cosmetics may be right for you!  The prices are perfect and the color pallets are perfect! Incase you don’t believe me have a look for yourself!

26 Shadow Blush Comobo Palette Blush for every outfit and every style! You cannot go wrong with this assortment.

66 Color Lip Palette Hello lip color!! You can choose any color for any tone.

120 Color Palette 2nd Edition 120 different eyeshadows really! Yes please! I have died and gone to dress up heaven!

10 pcs Deluxe Makeup Brush Set (red color) You can never have too many brushes!! I don’t know what it is about makeup brushes that makes me feel like I need them all but I sure do need these.

Summer Bundle Discount - Save 30%

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