DIY Book Safe

DIY Book Safe

DIY Book Safe

I saw this book safe idea the other day when looking for a fabric book cover project I was interested in. How cute is this?? A great project for kids or to give as a gift! How fun does it look to make and imagine getting a book safe as a gift! Very Sherlock Holmes of you! You can even hide. You can customize the book anyway you want which is of course my favorite part but Lets be honest who doesnt want a book safe seriously!  I found this super cute craft on a new fave DIY blog of mine Caught on a Whim!!



Book (Dollar Tree has hard cover books of all different sizes which is perfect unless you have ones at home you are doing nothing with)
Mod Podge
Carpenter Square (a regular ruler is fine too)
X-ACTO Knife
Piece of cardboard
Sand Paper


1. Mark where you’d like the hole to be inside the book (leave an edge that is about ) 3/4 of an inch thick.
2. Use the knife and your ruler to cut through the pages along the outline you drew. Using a square ruler helps create neat corners when cutting.
3. Make sure that when you get close to the last pages you insert a piece of cardboard between the pages you want to cut and the back of the book cover. That will prevent you from slicing through the back cover. (you can leave a few pages at the front of the book as well to make it super secret)
4. Once you finish cutting you will want to touch up the rough spots with some scissors and sandpaper.
5. Next glue the pages together with Mod Podge along the page edges on the inside of the hole and the outside of the book.  Use a little of Mod Podge to keep the pages from wrinkling due to the moisture.  You can do multiple applications  but once the pages wrinkle the effect is not pretty.
6. Place wax paper between the wet pages and the book cover to keep the book from becoming glued shut. Stack heavy books on top to apply pressure to the pages so they will dry flat.

New Charmaine Olivia

The Charmaine Ava Print was just released and is a Limited Edition of 100 people! I absolutely am obsessed with her silhouettes. I have mentioned my love of cameos in plenty of previous articles so of course when I saw this for sale I couldn’t resist.  The “faces” of her silhouettes are so delicate and peaceful. I generally like dark or creepy art but Charmaine’s silhouettes are different. My mother always had a thing for cameos and I guess now I do as well. She was very into Victorian styled anything and lets  be honest cameos always seem so classy. There is something very hand me down about it but in a good way. You value it so much you want to pass on the beauty to someone you care about which I suppose is how I feel about her silhouettes. I have to say her other artwork, which I have also mention before, I really am not a big fan but her silhouettes just speak to me.


Charmaine Olivia- Ava

Charmaine Olivia- Ava



The Ava is beautiful! I am not sure if it is the fact that I am jealous of her hair or the little heart she wears on her cheek. In high school I started a trend by wearing stickers or stick on earrings in about the same spot. The print isn’t I am sure what most people would fall in love with due to its simplicity but I think that is what makes these silhouettes so beautiful. You have the option to imagine whatever you want about the woman in the print but you can see so much more in it than just a silhouette.






Charmaine Olivia - Madison

Charmaine Olivia - Madison





I also purchased the Madison because the print was only $20 so I really couldn’t resist to be honest.  I also like pirate ships and I really really really heart octopuses!! I really had no choice.  Not to mention there was a special coupon“>coupon code COLLECTORS to receive 10% off of your purchase which I also could not resist.  The details in this silhouette are probably my favorite besides the Little Houses print (yes, I own that too).  The detail in the ship on her head is amaze balls!  I really can’t wait to frame and hang these!



6 Books Every Proper Hostess Must Have

I love playing hostess and having any old reason to prepare for an event! I was looking around for some fun accoutrement the other day for an upcoming birthday shindig a friend of mine and I are throwing and I found some super fun and beyond awesome books I think it would behoove any hostess to have either available for guests or to get some pointers from. These books look like so much fun I assumed everyone could benefit as well as enjoy.

The Zombie Survival Guide


The Zombie Survival Guide This could quite possibly be the ultimate hostess book ever. How better to appease your guests by giving them access to life saving tips for the ever present and always possible threat of the Zombie Apocalypse? To be taken much more seriously than that silly Y2K, December 21, 2012, The Rapture and Heaven’s Gate combined. We all know that the Zombies can and will take over our world and perhaps the universe one day. The key to being a successful hostess is preparedness. This book could cement your position as top dog in your circle so I suggest you get your hands on this new “Bible” ASAP.





Unbored Have you ever thrown an event that didn’t go over too well?  Perhaps the people aren’t meshing or the mood is awkward with a capital A? It happens to the best of us. You can’t always control the crowd or tell how certain things might go over. To avoid any further embarrassment why not have Unbored at the ready just in case. A good hostess should always have back up plans to keep everything running smooth. Who knows, Unbored could be the hit of the entire party even if it didn’t start out to be boring.  No one wants to be known for failing at an event or for throwing blah parties! Have this little secret weapon available at all times.



The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You


The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You Do you or someone you know check Web MD every time something feels amiss? I know I do and I scare the crap out of myself. I know people make jokes and searching online for random ailments has become a favorite pastime for many so why not have a book where you can easily look up if you gave a guest food poisoning or put something they are highly allergic to in the main course. If someone comes over looking mildly ill you can figure out whether to send them home immediately or if the rest of your guests will be safe from the bird flu. If all else fails and conversation has come to a stand still whip out your handy dandy book full of things that might kill you and scare the fun back into your evening.


The Vintage Tea Party Book


The Vintage Tea Party Book is very chic if you ask me. I know tea parties/shabby chic is so in right now so why not get hip to the tea party tid bits you might be missing out on. Throw a real actual vintage tea party. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and knowledge.  If you are into crafting or event planning this really is a great book for you.  It is also a great gift or coffee table book because it is so darn pretty.  How about if your friends need some immediate classing up?  This book could be a very subtle way to tell your besties that they are a tincer unseemly and that they need to brush up on their lady-like-ness before summer is here.  We all know that unclassy broads only attract unclassy bros and who wants those at their party?


The Jane Austen Handbook



The Jane Austen Handbook is obviously a personal favorite as she makes my world turn but let’s just be honest here for a moment and accept that she is the Coco Chanel for unrequited love and all things proper.  One cannot throw a perfectly proper event without some hints from she who is the most refined.  If you don’t know who Jane Austen is after immediately smacking yourself in the face and writing moron on your forehead in a black Sharpie please venture to the nearest e-reader and please culture yourself because I fear any party you are throwing and your guests probably do as well.

Feminist Ryan Gosling



Feminist Ryan Gosling Not a person on the planet has any excuse not to purchase this book.   It should just come automatically with any living space any individual on the entire planet Earth could possibly inhabit, cardboard boxes, cars and caves included. This will make more than just your event amazing it will make your life amazing. We all know the magical powers Sir Ryan Gosling possesses. No one is capable of resisting his awesome not even the one and only Chuck Norris! Not purchasing this book is an affront to love, romance and anything that might possibly be even a little good ever in the history of ever and every person that comes to your events will automatically think you and your event suck because you were not gracious enough to have a copy of this book for everyone to drool over and on!

Jasmine Becket Griffith

If you haven’t heard of Jasmine Becket Griffith you should! Here is a little background from Wikipedia: Jasmine Becket-Griffith (born June 4, 1979) is a freelance artist who specializes in fairy, fantasy, and gothic artwork. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or wood and her designs appear on many lines of licensed merchandise, notably through the chain stores Hot Topic and collectibles through the Bradford Group including co-branded Disney projects. She is also a staple at fantasy conventions, namely Dragon*Con, MegaCon (Orlando) and FaerieCon.
Jasmine’s physical gallery for her artwork is at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort. She lives in Celebration, Florida with her husband/assistant, Matt.
This isn’t the normal “fine art” I am into but her colors and bubbly characters are so very appealing to me.  I admire her versatility and probably appreciate her designs more because of all of the work she does for Disney.

"Durga and the Tiger" and "Saraswati Playing Veena"

"Durga and the Tiger" and "Saraswati Playing Veena"



I have yet to buy this one but am about to today. I absolutely love it! You can purchase your very own by clicking here. I love Hindu artwork! One of my best friends is Hindu and the pieces she has in her home are astonishing. The vibrant colors and mediums never cease to amaze me. I can stare at some of it for hours. Every time I look it see something I didn’t recognize before. This set is signed by Jasmine.



Divine Hand & Speak No Evil set of 2 art prints

Divine Hand & Speak No Evil set of 2 art prints



I did purchase this set over the weekend because I absolutely needed it.   You can get your very own set by clicking right here.  I like dark looking art work. Again, I will say this isn’t the usual style I am into but I really do appreciate her work.  These pieces are interesting to me because I have always  had a crush on “fairy” type things as well as big eyed sad looking people.  I can’t really explain it better than that.  This set is also signed by Jasmine Becket Griffith.

Betsey Johnson Home Collection

I know tis the season to give but I gave myself the best holiday gifts ever!! I was perusing Macy’s for some gifts and low and behold my one and only Betsey makes stuff for the home!! I wish she made more I would legit go broke outfitting my apartment with anything she put on the market. I don’t even care how tiny and silly or how expensive! I would get on that! So while I did just that I thought you might also enjoy the awesomeness that is Betsey Johnson Home!! Don’t be jelly and if you aren’t you totally should be!  This year now that I am single I have managed to treat myself to many an awesome thing I normally wouldn’t have and I don’t even feel guilty about it! Not one bit!
Betsey Johnson Wine Stopper, Silver-Tone Glitter Owl Wine Stopper
Betsey Johnson Wine Stopper, Silver-Tone Glitter Owl Wine Stopper
Betsey Johnson Owl Wine Stopper. I am soo very into owls! Especially when they are super glittery and will be atop my wine bottle!!!! How adorbs! I could not live with out it! Lest we forget this bad boy is pink and yellow which happen to be 2 of my fave colors!  I really had no choice in the matter.  It screamed buy me buy me! Now! Product Description: Own the night with this wine stopper from Betsey Johnson. A glittery owl perches atop the metal and rubber wine stopper for a whimsical touch. Item comes packaged in a signature Betsey Johnson Gift Box. Approximate length: 4-1/4 inches.
Betsey Johnson Skull Watch and Clock Set

Betsey Johnson Skull Watch and Clock Set

Betsey Johnson Skull Clock and Watch Set. Hello glitter skull! Nice to meet you and own you and love you for ever and ever. This fab clock doesn’t really match much in my house but ask me if I care really?!? it is so my style and I must have it!  Product Description: This watch and clock set from Betsey Johnson is so fab it could wake the dead. Includes a leather watch and small clock with a glitter-covered skull and 26mm case.
Betsey Johnson Shot Glass Set, Set of 2 Ceramic Jungle Critter Shot Glasses

Betsey Johnson Shot Glass Set, Set of 2 Ceramic Jungle Critter Shot Glasses

Betsey Johnson Jungle Critter Ceramic Shot Glasses Set of 2.  I don’t really do shots like that nor do I need more but I had to have them to at the very least match my new coasters! I will display them for th world to see and be envious of! Because that is what a true fan really does.  Product Description:Party like an animal with this set of ceramic shot glasses from Betsey Johnson. Whimsical jungle scenes make drinking fun. Items come packaged in a signature Betsey Johnson Gift Box. Approximate diameter: 2-1/4 inches.
Betsey Johnson Coaster Set, Set of 4 Ceramic Jungle Critter Coasters

Betsey Johnson Coaster Set, Set of 4 Ceramic Jungle Critter Coasters

Betsey Johnson Jungle Critter Ceramic Coasters, Set of 4. These make super cute holiday or house warming gifts but I really needed them to make me as a human complete!! I actually have a bunch of wood furniture in my home so coasters aren’t a completely reckless purchase.  Plus they are soo darn cute.  Product Description: Animal attraction. This four-piece ceramic coaster set from Betsey Johnson will make you eager to set down your drink. Each coaster is leopard trimmed for a bit of wild style. Items come packaged in a signature Betsey Johnson Gift Box. Approximate diameter: 3-1/2 inches.

New Bedroom Needed

I have been wanting to redo my bedroom forever. I have alot of big wooden furniture that I keep telling myself I will refinish and repaint but everyone I talk to says it is such a pain in the caboose to do. Since I don’t have the time or patience to do an entire real room make over currently I have decided to do a pretend one lol. Let me know if you agree.

Sienne Four-Piece Queen Sized Bedroom Set

Sienne Four-Piece Queen Sized Bedroom Set



Sienne Four-Piece Queen Sized Bedroom Set I like the simplicity of metal beds. They are easy to clean, animal friendly (considering my cats would probably tear any fabric apart in days), and beautiful I think. I have always had metal frames my whole life. I am not sure if it was really my parents preference that has stuck with me or what but I have always leaned more towards metal than anything else.



Pure White Door Chest

Pure White Door Chest



Pure White Door Chest I had one similar to this growing up and it was perfect. I constantly reorganized and rearranged. This chest fit all the needs I had when revamping. I am soo in love and it is definitely sticking to my light theme.






Naples 4 Drawer Chest

Naples 4 Drawer Chest



Naples 4 Drawer Chest In an effort to get rid of all of the dark wood , over sized furniture I have now I thought this simple white dresser would be perfect to brighten my room. I can also decorate it anyway I want with different hardware and paint it if I change my mind.




Ari Outdoor Rug, Anthracite

Ari Outdoor Rug, Anthracite



Ari Outdoor Rug, Anthracite I have every intention of bringing color into my bedroom but this carpet is soo dreamy! I love the pattern and the colors. I vow that one day I will steer clear of greys, blacks and whites but today is just not that day.



Arabesque Large Mirror

Arabesque Large Mirror

Arabesque Large MirrorI love that this mirror is very detailed but not overly heavy and bulky. I don’t want just any old boring mirror for my room but I can’t stand ones that are huge for the sake of being huge. Too much to dust and takes up valuable space.


Swoon For Simple Human

I love a neat, clean organized home. I don’t like clutter and although I do like my bright colors and cheerfulness I appreciate a sleek clean look more than anything. One of my fave companies that constantly make me happy when I am trying to organize is Simple Human.  Usually I am insanely colorful and want everything to be blindingly bright but the bf usually thinks it is too much.  Here are some items he wanted for me to compromise on for the sake of our decorating.

simplehuman tension shower caddy



simplehuman tension shower caddyThis we actually desperately needed. We haven’t gotten a new shower caddy in like 5 years. The one we had was old and completely didn’t fit my shower necessities! I just wonder where the bf is going to put his stuff now hmmmmm……




simplehuman chrome ensemble set
simplehuman chrome ensemble set
Our bathroom is currently black and white damask which the bf doesn’t hate but since our sink accessories did need a little updating I didn’t so much mind the chrome because it added a little modern taste to it. Easy to clean and keep new looking.



simplehuman utensil holder - brushed


simplehuman utensil holder – brushed I have many a utensil from all of my chef aspirations! I think this is a little manlier for him and much less Hello Kitty which is where I typically look for kitchen accessories.




simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack - bamboo



simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack – bamboo I am always a sucker for bamboo as is the bf. Our dish rack was getting boring anyway, just plain old black so I figured I could let him have this one without any further discussion on the matter. hehe




I received Yonanasas a Christmas gift this year and was soo super excited. I had seen the commercial a few times on television but didn’t think much other than “That would be cool” but most things I have bought from As Seen On TV never are as awesome as the commercial so I wasn’t going to go out of my way to buy it. When my Uncle gave it to me I was kind of excited.
Last night I finally decided to try it. I keep frozen fruits in my freezer at all times for smoothies and was in the need of some sort of sweet food so I figured now is as good a time as ever.
Yonanaswas easy to use and I made my dessert in like 5 mins. Even taking apart and cleaning it was easy.
I used 3 bananas, 1 handful of blueberries and 12 strawberries which made alot of “fro-yo” so after I was finished I put what was left in a tupperware and put it in the freezer for tonight!
Yonanasis going to be perfect in the summer. You can add chocolate, caramel or even marshmallow if you want to make a less than healthy snack. You can even add nuts but I wouldn’t put them in the machine just in case. Either way I am in love and this is definitely one item that isn’t a farce on As Seen On TV.

I’ve Got Love for My Kitchen

Over the holiday’s the bf and I decided we needed a new oven ASAP. The old one was just that old, finicky and boring.  We wanted to get something we could really get gormet with.  Now that we have it have been cooking up a storm! I need the practice since we were using our toaster oven to cook before out of pure laziness.  I have been having soo much fun playing with new recipes but now when I look around at my beautiful, new, shiny stove everything else looks like crap! I need new everything! Here are a few things I feel I cannot live without and the color scheme would just brighten my kitchen experience everytime I spend time in it!

KitchenAid 12-Cup Food Processor, WhiteI am completely knife inept all day everyday. I don’t cut evenly or nicely and I always almost cut off a limb. I think this would only help me do things quicker, cleaner and with less band-aids. I wouldn’t have to make the bf cut everything for me in fear of stabbing myself. This one has all kinds of attachments and would help me get that much closer to my goal of being a hybrid Tori Spelling/Martha Stewart/Fabulous Beekman Boy.

Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup MakerI know I have a stove and even a blender at home but this does sooo much more and although the woman on the commercial makes this blender look like the most amazing thing in the world I wonder if it really is. So I should get it to try it right. It could be the best purchase I ever made. It’s winter sooo I can make soup everyday!

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 GriddlerIf you have ever seen the commercial for this it is impossible to resist purchasing this. Even though we just got a stove for some reason my brain is telling me I cannot live without this in my kitchie.

KitchenAid 5-Speed BlenderI really only want this for the color there is another blender I am obsessed with the blender above I see nothing wrong with sticking with my color scheme.  This color reminds me of a 1950′s kitchen which would suit my kitchen very nicely at the moment.

Oil Bottle with Dipping DishesDips are a huge thing in our house! We love to try new tastes and combinations. I love small dishes and bowls and clearly you see the Turquoise theme I am going with here is easy to match.

Basic Measuring Cup SetThe measuring cup set I have currently is old, plastic and the sizes have been almost completely washed off. Plus I bought them forever ago when I didn’t care about what things looked like only what they cost.

Utensil HolderRight now we use a glass vase that isn’t shaped right for the space that it is in and that doesn’t really fit the stuff we need to put in it. It is inexpensive and is a tiny accent that would just make me happy. I have found a billion kitchen accessories that are this color which would make me think of Tiffany’s everytime I set foot in the kitchie.

KitchenAid MixerI feel this is a necessity because I need alot of work on my dessert and baked good making. I fail everytime but to be honest I feel it has to do with all of the manual mixing I am forced to do. I think this would inspire me to practice more and finally get good at it.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Home Deals

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