DIY Book Safe

DIY Book Safe

DIY Book Safe

I saw this book safe idea the other day when looking for a fabric book cover project I was interested in. How cute is this?? A great project for kids or to give as a gift! How fun does it look to make and imagine getting a book safe as a gift! Very Sherlock Holmes of you! You can even hide. You can customize the book anyway you want which is of course my favorite part but Lets be honest who doesnt want a book safe seriously!  I found this super cute craft on a new fave DIY blog of mine Caught on a Whim!!



Book (Dollar Tree has hard cover books of all different sizes which is perfect unless you have ones at home you are doing nothing with)
Mod Podge
Carpenter Square (a regular ruler is fine too)
X-ACTO Knife
Piece of cardboard
Sand Paper


1. Mark where you’d like the hole to be inside the book (leave an edge that is about ) 3/4 of an inch thick.
2. Use the knife and your ruler to cut through the pages along the outline you drew. Using a square ruler helps create neat corners when cutting.
3. Make sure that when you get close to the last pages you insert a piece of cardboard between the pages you want to cut and the back of the book cover. That will prevent you from slicing through the back cover. (you can leave a few pages at the front of the book as well to make it super secret)
4. Once you finish cutting you will want to touch up the rough spots with some scissors and sandpaper.
5. Next glue the pages together with Mod Podge along the page edges on the inside of the hole and the outside of the book.  Use a little of Mod Podge to keep the pages from wrinkling due to the moisture.  You can do multiple applications  but once the pages wrinkle the effect is not pretty.
6. Place wax paper between the wet pages and the book cover to keep the book from becoming glued shut. Stack heavy books on top to apply pressure to the pages so they will dry flat.

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