Do You Need New Sunglasses?

Now that the gloomy weather is finally over things are looking brighter aren’t they? Why not treat yourself to a new pair of sunglasses! I recently learned from my eye doctor that spending money on good sunglasses or glasses isn’t really so outrageous.  He said the sun really can harm your eyes over the years.  Usually I strongly advocate buying a bunch of pairs of inexpensive sunglasses for the summer to choose from but I have found a few expensive pairs that can last you years.

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Giorgio Armani Eyeglasses: White
I absolutely swoon over these frames! You can use these as the coolest glasses or sunglasses ever. You can have transition lenses put in these and wear them all of the time! I know these are a little different but the small frames and silver dragonfly make these frames look like one of a kind. You can pull off a thousand different looks with these frames.

Marc Jacobs Eyeglasses: Black Can we say nerdy chic! Again these frames can be used, I think, as sunglasses or glasses. The side detailing makes them a little punk rock which I always enjoy. The black thick frames are perfect for every nerdy or punk look you are going for all summer long.

Balenciaga Sunglasses: Black / Sand

From: United ShadesI love this style and color. They are perfect for any athletic look, sexy for the beach and simple enough to be worn throughout the year. The large round lenses are excellent to hide behind allergies and chic enough to be worn into the evening.  I usually like thick black frames but this style is simply chic.

Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses: White on azure These are my favorite style frames! I love oversized round lenses! There is something about them that will never go out of style! Anyone at any age can pull this style off and look classy. These frames are especially perfect if you are in the mood for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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