Dyson Vacuum’s Awesome or Not?

DC24 Multi floor

I have a house full of pets so vacuuming is a daily part my routine. Two cats and two dogs make for a furry environment and I love wearing black! After running out of refills for our hand-roller hair and lint removers and realizing that our old vacuum was really not doing a great job we decided to splurge and get a good vacuum. After some research we chose a Dyson. They are on the expensive side but soo worth it!
After the first week pet hair was no longer an issue. Even on what looks like a clean floor or carpet you can vacuum up dirt and dust! The canister is easy to clean and you can remove all dirt from it quickly.
The cost of a Dyson vacuum is totally worth it. Dyson is an innovative company that designs and builds creative products that really to what they are supposed to. In my book Dyson products and Dyson as a company id most definitely awesome!!Do you have any Dyson products in your home or office?

Product Description:

Dyson DC24 Multi floor – ultra-lightweight and compact bagless upright vacuum, with Ballâ„¢ technology for easy steering. Motorized brush bar for carpets – switches off for hard floors. Reversible wand for high-reach cleaning. Lifetime washable HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens.

Dyson Inc.

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