Fashionista Jonz Promotional Services

Fashionista Jonz Promotional Services

Fashionista Jonz Promotional Services



Hello everyone! I will be hosting a new online event! This one is different than some of the typical ones many of you have been involved with. There are some vendor fees that apply but you do have some options. If you are interested iin more information on how you can get more exposure for your company and ultimately more sales please send an email to We are considering multiple reps from each company so please do not post here asking if we have your company yet. Send an email to and we will get back to you shortly with more information. Come join our promotional page!! Daily ladders and promotional opportunities from some of your fave gals!!! Click here to join the group and learn about how to get yourself out there!!!!

We are here to help promote you and your business is the most fun and fabulous way possible! We want to help you build your business and get your name out there!
We are two friends from way back in the day that know what it is like to work hard and try to make ends meat! Our goal is to be there as a promotional support system for you. We are two hard working business women who know how to get things done. The both of us, as a team, want to get your name and your business noticed and that is just what we will do. We are offering our promotional services to you for a great price! E-mail and let us tell you how we can do the best for you and your business.
To go above and beyond for you. We want to make sure that we work your business the most efficient and successful way possible. We have a ton of connections and know how to get our names out there. All we ask is your honesty, commitment and helpfulness which is exactly what you will get from us! It works if you work it!


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