My Top 10 Fave Halloween Movies

Halloween is my super fave holiday ever. I love scary movies and any thing to do with being haunted (even though I think my house is haunted and it scares the crap out of me). I wanted to share some movies that are near and dear to my heart. Some aren’t really that scary but they remind me of good Halloween times which is always a plus.

Psycho (50th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]Psycho is the reason I have a clear shower curtain in my bathroom at home and why at hotels I leave the curtain open a little so I can check to see if anyone is coming to stab me. I love every one of the Psycho installments dearly.

The Lost BoysBlah,blah,blah predictable blah blah. I do not care. The Lost boys has super hot bad ass boys and although the movie isn’t scary these were the men that made you want to get bitten long before Edward did.

House of 1,000 Corpses I know everyone didn’t love this movie but I did. Rob Zombie knows how to gore it up and he does just that in this. This movie is creepy and you cross your fingers you never run into those people ever because the thought is too scary.

The Devil’s Rejects
I know this isn’t a favorite of many but I love Rob Zombie and this movie has super gore and kind of what you would expect for the sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses. Maybe not amazing story or plot but you will be grosses out by the mega violence and gore!!

SawI know you are thinking “How typical” but I only prefer the first 2 or 3 out of all of them. There is only so much I can deal with.

Paranormal Activity OK, this is obviously not from my childhood but movies like this get me every time. It reminded me of Blair Witch which is a movie I have seen twice and will never watch again because at the age of 18 I saw that movie on two separate occasions and had to sleep with mymom for almost 6 months after that as well as still having an issue with basement but paranormal activity gave me that feeling once again but thank goodness my scared feelings wore off in less time.

Children of the CornOnly the first few of these are really good because after that it gets a little lame but I loved these movies and still to this day am creeped out by corn fields and large groups of children.

Sleepaway Camp: Survival KitI used to watch these with one of my oldest friends while we were in elementary school or maybe middle school. We rented them probably 100 times or more from our local small video rental store, that is how long I have been watching it. I don’t even think places like Blockbuster even existed then. The Sleepaway Camp movies are gory and unexpected but great to watch.

Scream SetThis set isn’t all that scary but when the first one came out i watched it over and over again. I loved the characters (incredibly 90′s) and they were really just funny. These will forever have a place in my heart.

Nightmare on Elm Street Collectionis my all time favorite! I can watch them over and over again with the exception of the second one which is soo horrible I can never sit through the full movie. I have watched every of them (NOT 2) SOO

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