Flashback Alert ALF!

Alf Complete Seasons 1-4 Bundle

Last night I couldn’t find anything on TV or on demand or even DVR! I had finished cooking, cleaning and working out and since I am not loving my recent book club book I wanted to veg out a bit and watch some TV. Then I remembered my new fave toy we have at home the Roku box and let me tell you did that come in handy!! The bf and I were searching for something to watch that was veg worthy when we stumbled upon ALF!!! I couldn’t believe it! There was no other choice to make! We both only got through the first episode because we are like an elderly couple and fell asleep but it was hilarious! I forgot how awesome that show was. I was also depressed to learn that the first episode aired in 1986 but before those of us who remember the show get suicidal remember it is all in good fun! The clothes, the wifes hair cut! Omg brings me back to a fun and happy time!! If you have Amazon Prime you can watch ALF for free if not you can buy the full set from Amazon for $42 or try to find it on Netflix but I didn’t see it there, perhaps hulu has it. Either way even if you watch 1 episode do it! It will brighten your day!

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