Hello Flip Flop Weather!

Flip Flopz


The beautiful weather is pretty much upon us and with that so are the flip-flopz. Every year Old Navy has their $1 flip-flop sale and we scramble to the store or on line to get as many as we can in every color possible. I have been wearing Old Navy’s classic flip-flop for as long as I can remember. They are comfortable, sylish and easy to slip on especially if you have just gotten your pedi!
The past few years they have left no color unrepresented and have even mixed it up with patterns and different styles of the calssic Old Navy flip-flop. They have even dressed them up a bit for work casual or even a casual evening out.
I don’t think I really believe it is summer unless I have stocked up on my Old Navy flip-flops and can wear them with out my feet freezing.
That being said remember everyone if we are going to expose the toes please don’t disturb the rest of us by having undone feet!

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