Funny or Fashion

I definitely have a unique sense of style.  I tend to be attracted to the super shiny or super ugly.  This attraction extends to other aspects of my life as well which is an on going struggle but that is neither here nor there.  I was attempting to shope for more Happy Birthday to me prezzies when I came across some of the more comical items I have seen in a while accessory wise.  I didn’t think it was right not to share these items with you.

Unicorn Necklace If at some point in my life my dream of being thug ever materilizes and I can truely be so thug I can’t help it this will be my bling always and forever. Why you may ask? Because unicorns and glitter are hardcore! And that my friends is that!

Princess Kitty Necklace Appropriately named the Princess KittyNecklace I really would love to see someone walking down the street wearing this. I know I could pull it off. Now all I need are crocs, socks, pleated khaki shorts and a unicorn sweatshirt and I am set to go out. That being said that doesn’t mean I dont heart this necklace. It’s pink, sparkly and over the top, 3 of my favorite adjectives.

Sushi Earring &; Bracelet Set How hilarious is sushi in general, or maybe it’s just me that thinks that? This is the best way to wear sushi and not have to be Samantha laying on a table waiting for someone to com eat it. These accessories are for those of you not bold enough to naked sushi!

Breakfast Earrings No you have your perfect Sunday brunch accessories!!! You can mix and match meals according to your mood. Feeling vegetarian stick with toast and pancakes, animal type hungry go for your bacon and eggs, or just be plain crazy and wear all 4 at once!

Shana Logic!

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