Get Outta My Head!

Get Outta My Head
Get Outta My Head


I was watching Once Upon A Time last night on DVR and it kind of really rang true for me. Have you ever noticed when you are tying to forget about a person or experience in your life the more you see, hear and feel things that remind you of exactly what you are trying to forget?
This was the case in last weeks episode. Snow was trying to forget Prince James because she loved him soo much but couldn’t have him. She wanted her pain to go away and the only way to do that would be to forget about him completely. We women know, the less we can have someone the more our heart aches for them. This could be true for men too but I am not a man so I don’t know. Generally, in my experience men are much better at the forgetting and moving on part. The worse you get treated the more you want to be with that person to prove you are the perfection they have been looking for their whole lives. I know we have all been in this situation before and the only remedy is time. Snow was lucky enough to get a magic mind eraser from Rumple Mc Scarypants, the rest of us must resort to many a childish act before finally being able to purge our minds and bodies of that one person or situation. It is the strangest struggle that you have within yourself that no matter what anyone says or does to try to convince you to forget or move on, you are the only one that ultimately can make the decision. No matter how deep the pain for some reason our heart wants us to only remember the good making forgetting even more impossible. The longer you are apart the more your body maintains this addiction, you ache without them, you feel that pull in the pit of your stomach saying text me, call me, find me, save me! You make those ever soo plentiful promises to God, much like Blair Waldorf did in last weeks Gossip Girl to save Chuck (or so she thought), that if you do this one thing for me I will be good. I personally favor the: “If this person really cares they will go this far or if we are meant to be our song will come on the radio or they will call right now!” Does it ever really work for you? Not I, I have to give about a million if this person really cares…scenarios before by coincidence it actually works and it is enough to satisfy myself until the next time.
At times I wish I had a magical mind eraser to rid me of the issue but then I think maybe the pain is important, as Grumpy so intelligently pointed out to Snow when she was about to take the potion. Maybe there is no real love without pain because you can only be hurt by those you care the most about. Either way the episode reminded me of a few times in my life where I made desperate attempts at ridding my heart of a love and at the time it felt impossible. I thought I would never stop hurting but eventually I did get over them and move on.  It is silly how one show can bring back such real feelings sometimes.  I wonder if that means you never really do get past it?

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