Getting Me Back….A Little

Getting Me Back...A Little

Getting Me Back... A Little

I have been in a bit of a rut lately about life, love and all things me but after a rejuvinating evening with my far away bestie and my at home bestie I feel like a new woman. It has been a long time since I have felt so comfortable and free. It was three old friends catching up and just releasing. I feel like with everything the three of us have going on in our lives at the moment, through all of our joking around, pizza and booze drinking, we managed to catch up with each other in a way that only those who know you better than you know yourself can. We needed it, eachothers energy to sort of ground us again after so long.
I especially felt like I could see some of myself creep back in. I started feeling like I could breathe easier. Willing to just let go and relax with me. I had missed being that comfortable for sometime. I think that I am starting to get myself back and it feels beyond good. My new indepence is doing what it should and giving me that sense of fulfillment with my deciisions and in my life. I feel refreshed and renewed ready to fight another day. I am ready to start moving forward on those improvements I have been in a slump about implementing. Perhaps it is the holiday spirit that is twisting my brain into movtivating me.
What I do know for sure is that I needed and missed my girlfriends. The dynamic that the three of us have is unlike any other. Reuniting like only a really good sitcom can we brought out the best in eachother. People don’t get that opportunity everyday so you must jump at the chance. This was something I needed more than I think I even knew.
The entire night was quite Super Bad level sprinkled with glitter. Those days/nights aren’t capable of just happening, it takes proper moon and star alienment mixed with a garden of four leaf clovers, horse shoe shaped jewelry, and the inexplicably unexpected kind of experiences that make up Super Bad kind of evening.
This moring I woke up at 6:30am ready to take over the world. I should preface that with the fact that I spent all of Saturday recovering from our partying on Friday night. Either way I am rejuvinated and ready to conquer my obstacles and get the rest of that woman I put in the back of my mental closet and I can really only thank my girls for helping me dust some of her back off and pick her up.

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