Go-Go Obssession

Lately The Go-Go’s have been sneaking up on my iPod. It is beginning to become every other song. I have to say I don’t mind it at all. I forgot how much I really liked The Go-Go’s. They are pretty rockin if you ask me. I feel all girl power but not the Spice Girl kind. They were the first all-girl band that not only wrote their own music but also played their own instruments. The Go-Go’s debut album Beauty and the Beat went triple platinum and was at #1 for 6 consecutive weeks making it one of the most successful debut albums ever, which I think is pretty cool.
Their music makes me think of summer and beaches as well as the 80′s which for me can never be wrong. I was only a child then but nevertheless 80′s anything pretty much brings a smile to my face, yes mullets. If you have never really listened to them or if you don’t know who they are I suggest you down load a few of their songs and I promise you will not be disappointed. After the past two weeks of them sneaking up on me I have been listening to their full albums non-stop now and I am loving it! Listening The Go-Go’s makes me want buy a pair of Keds and de-lace them, only to add some scrunch socks to my leopard print leggings, paired with an over sized t-shirt and add too much fluorescent jewelry. Thanks to the cast of Jersey Shore bringing back excessive teasing I think I could go out and not look completely redic.
Here are some of my fave Go-Go’s songs that I think you should love to:
Skidmarks on My Heart, Lust to Love, This Town, Girl of 100 Lists, Can’t Stop the World, Vacation, Beatnik Beach, Yes or No, & Head Over Heelsto name just a few. I think you should go to iTunes right now and download a ton of Go-Go’s! Get The Go-Go’s now on iTunes.

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