Over the Christmas holiday I finally checked this site out after a few friends and family members suggested it. Beware once you log on it is next to impossible to get off. The first night I spend like 4 hours searching and trying to remember every book I’ve ever read to add it to my “Read” books list. Then you are bombarded (in a good way) with lists and selections of books you might want to add to your “To Read” list. Then you get to show off what book or books you are currently readying in your “Reading” list. I spent soo long looking through potential book club possibilities as well as for in between our book club meetings that I racked up over 300 books to read already!
You can add friends from faceboook, twitter or e-mail addresses and see your friends lists, get recommentations and even join other book clubs!
My absolute fave part of this site is you can set a goal for yourself for the year. I haven’t found a way to set my 2012 goal yet because it is still on 2011 which is a little annoying but I can wait a day or two I suppose. I love the idea of setting a book reading goal. As you add books to your “Read” list you can see how many books you have left to read to meet your goal for the year.
I often go in and out of being really into reading. I will read four or five books non-stop and take a break for a few months. I would like to stop doing that and maybe it will keep me to only watching the television whist I work out which is another goal of mine.
Bottom line it is probably one of the coolest/easiest sites I have run into a while. It can also make you feel smarter than you thought after you see all of the books you have logged and maybe show off some of your fanciness to friends by “claiming” you have read many of the classics.

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