Home Stuff You Know You Need

We all want our home to be as comfy/fun as possible right? It’s the little things that really can spruce up any space. Here are a few really super fun things I have found to increase the peace of your environment!

Animal Lamps Seriously just threw up a little in my mouth from cuteness!

TAKE OUT MENU ORGANIZER Am I the only one that thinks this is genius and why haven’t I thought of it before?

TABLE TOPICS These are not only fun for parties but for everyday to keep the family in touch.

WIRELESS LIGHT ON / OFF SWITCH Yes please the ultimate lazy persons necessity!

UDON NOODLE BOWLS Udon is one of my fave dishes!! You can use these for any noodle soup or even for drinks!

Glass Ballons Who doesn’t need hand blown glass balloons in their house honestly! Love these!!


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