Horne Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Horne Indoor/Outdoor Planter

Horne Indoor/Outdoor Planter

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The nice weather is here and my garden is sprouting but I wanted to spruce up the inside. I have to take a billion trips to Home Depot to get all of these tools,dirt and whatever else so the man of the house can assert his barbarian tendencies and do man work outside which is soo not my thing. I now know how men feel when they shop with women but in hardware stores there are no comfy places to sit and a room where women can commiserate about how much they hate shopping with their men so I am forced to stare at flowers and plants. I
saw one too many plans that I wanted but they can’t all go outside. I can leave the boring yard work for the bf while I revamp our inside!
I have a slew of pets at home so putting plants on the floor is out of the question and hanging baskets inside are never pretty enough. I did some research and came across these adorable indoor/outdoor planters by HORNE.com. I am in love! The planters come in orange, mustard, turquoise, and white. The HORNE.com planters are simple but modern. The size is perfect because you can do a ton with it and if you hand more than one it wont look like too much. If you use the HORNE.com outside you can easily bring them back in if the weather gets bad or cold weather starts to come. If you don’t have a zoo at your home instead of hanging them you can arrange them anyway you want on a table or ledge to create a really modern looking indoor garden.

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