I Heart Roller Derbs!

I <3 Roller Derby
I <3 Roller Derby


I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I am in love with Roller Derby! I have wanted to do it for years since the reality show came out Roller Girls! I am not the most athletic of people and I think I have mentioned how absolutely clumsy I am but Roller Derby calls to me for some reason. I think I can manage to not kill myself on the old school kind of skates. The ladies involved in Roller Derby seem like my kind of peeps and any sport where you get to get your aggression out by knocking folks down sounds awesome to me! Let me also mention how hot these ladies are and that you get to pick your own awesome name! I can totally handle that! Roller Derby is also an amazing form of exercising! Hello cardio city! This can be the a fun new way to exercise! Move over Zumba, Roller Derby is about to take over! Anything to appear more badass is A+ in my book! Here are some things I think I need to complete my badassness!

Sock It To Me Bad Ass Knee high Socks (Black)Knee high socks are always badass but these are even cooler and I must have them!

Roller Derby Firestar Girl’s Roller Skate, Size- 1Hi retro awesomenss! I will take 2 please! Teach me how to skate and look amazing while doing it! I am all over this like a blocker on her opponent.

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Thing Womens Junior Booty Shorts S Part of my new uniform…yes, I think so! A necessity in fact! I am a sweet thing and me on the track would be even sweeter!!

Raskullz Cutie Cat Helmet (Purple, Ages 5+)There is no cooler helmet in the entire world than this one! It shall be mine, Oh yes it shall be mine! I must have this to complete my awesome Roller Derby outfit! Who wants to hit a kitty really?!

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