Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

We have finally chosen our December/ January book club book which I am really excited about. I didn’t even know that Mindy Kaling was a writer to be honest with the exception of being on The Office and No Strings Attached I don’t know much about her. Her book sounds extremely interesting so I am excited to get into it! Have you read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I would love to know how you liked it!!! As per usual once the discussion happens I will update. Feel free to leave me any comments or questions!!

Book Update:
I was soo excited when I got the book but honestly I couldn’t get half way through it. I went so far as to return it. I feel horrible that I hate it because I am going to have to tell the book club I disliked it soo much I actually wanted my money back for it. I know if someone hated my choice for book club I would be offended but it is terrible.
I know we all think that all of the horror stories of our lives would sound funny to everyone and possibly clever especially if you are a comedy writer. I may be jaded because I have spending years hanging out with many a UCB improver and have many a friend who think they are comedians but this book just reek of UCB humor that is honestly just over done at this point. I wasn’t interested and I wanted to be. I really was hoping for this book to be full of funny and possibly embarrassing stories of someone who on television I genuinely like but NO WAY JOSE! Don’t do it. I promise you that you will thank me later for it. Lesson learned everyone can’t or should’t write a book!

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