I’ve Got Love for My Kitchen

Over the holiday’s the bf and I decided we needed a new oven ASAP. The old one was just that old, finicky and boring.  We wanted to get something we could really get gormet with.  Now that we have it have been cooking up a storm! I need the practice since we were using our toaster oven to cook before out of pure laziness.  I have been having soo much fun playing with new recipes but now when I look around at my beautiful, new, shiny stove everything else looks like crap! I need new everything! Here are a few things I feel I cannot live without and the color scheme would just brighten my kitchen experience everytime I spend time in it!

KitchenAid 12-Cup Food Processor, WhiteI am completely knife inept all day everyday. I don’t cut evenly or nicely and I always almost cut off a limb. I think this would only help me do things quicker, cleaner and with less band-aids. I wouldn’t have to make the bf cut everything for me in fear of stabbing myself. This one has all kinds of attachments and would help me get that much closer to my goal of being a hybrid Tori Spelling/Martha Stewart/Fabulous Beekman Boy.

Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup MakerI know I have a stove and even a blender at home but this does sooo much more and although the woman on the commercial makes this blender look like the most amazing thing in the world I wonder if it really is. So I should get it to try it right. It could be the best purchase I ever made. It’s winter sooo I can make soup everyday!

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 GriddlerIf you have ever seen the commercial for this it is impossible to resist purchasing this. Even though we just got a stove for some reason my brain is telling me I cannot live without this in my kitchie.

KitchenAid 5-Speed BlenderI really only want this for the color there is another blender I am obsessed with the blender above I see nothing wrong with sticking with my color scheme.  This color reminds me of a 1950′s kitchen which would suit my kitchen very nicely at the moment.

Oil Bottle with Dipping DishesDips are a huge thing in our house! We love to try new tastes and combinations. I love small dishes and bowls and clearly you see the Turquoise theme I am going with here is easy to match.

Basic Measuring Cup SetThe measuring cup set I have currently is old, plastic and the sizes have been almost completely washed off. Plus I bought them forever ago when I didn’t care about what things looked like only what they cost.

Utensil HolderRight now we use a glass vase that isn’t shaped right for the space that it is in and that doesn’t really fit the stuff we need to put in it. It is inexpensive and is a tiny accent that would just make me happy. I have found a billion kitchen accessories that are this color which would make me think of Tiffany’s everytime I set foot in the kitchie.

KitchenAid MixerI feel this is a necessity because I need alot of work on my dessert and baked good making. I fail everytime but to be honest I feel it has to do with all of the manual mixing I am forced to do. I think this would inspire me to practice more and finally get good at it.

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