Jamberry Nails

There is an event going on now on Facebook where you can meet Allison Romango our Jamberry Representative and our other amazing representatives! Join us for Black Friday Event and shop in comfort with out crowds, parking or having to vary heavy bags! Click here to join!

I recently purchased from Jamberry because lately trying to get my nails done has been impossible. I am so busy I don’t have time for it. Plus with all of the cool nail trends and styles out there I was getting bored of the plain polish I have been doing. I don’t have time to sit at a salon as of late and with the holidays coming up you can’t be seen with icky nails so Jamberry seemed like an excellent alternative. I had to have the Mint Green Chevron which seemed perfect for any holiday occasion and because I love them I couldn’t resist the Poised Peacock.  The best part is they stay on for about 2 weeks.  No chipping or breaking! I can finally walk around with out looking like I work on a farm.

To introduce you to Jamberry is Allison and here is her story.   My name is Allison and about 6 months ago I began my Jamberry journey. Jamberry is a heat activated nail wrap that last on your fingers for up to 2 weeks and on your toes for up to 6!!! It is an amazing product and I love it so much I decided to share my love for it and sell it.  Being a part of Jamberry has changed my life. I can help provide more for my family and I have met so many amazing people. Please contact me if you are interested in joining my team or hosting your own Facebook party!!!

My website: www.aeromagnoli.jamberrynails.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllisonRomagnoliJamberryNails

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