Kitchen Must Havez

If you like to be in your kitchen and you love to entertain I have found a few items that I absolutley love and needed to share. Who doesn’t want their kitchen time to be fun anyway…right?

The Jesus ToasterNow you too can have your very own grilled Cheesus! Jesus can speak to you through your breakfast or lunch. For you fundamentalists you can spread the word of God to everyone!

Fred & Friends Ninjabread Men Cookie CuttersWho doesn’t love Ninja? Who doesn’t love cookies? Then you have to love these Ninjabread Men!! You could be the coolest kid in school or the even coolest Mom ever for making them!!

Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass MoldSummer is here and parties are upon us! Why not cool down with these super cool shot glasses! You will be loved for serving these! You can pour shots in the ice glass and even at coloring or liquor to the actual “glass”

Fred and Friends PIBOSS Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel This could quite possibly be the best Father’s day gifts a Dad could have. It does take some time to be shipped however if you do order it but at $15 you can have the coolest pizza cutter ever!
Fred and Friends Hot Head Pac ManScrew oven mitts! Those are for grandmas! The Pac Man Hot Head is probably the coolest oven mitt I have ever seen.

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