Make Serving Sassy

Spanish Olive Dish The decoration is hand made so each one differs a bit but it has that European feel to it. The olive dish just makes me feel summer. The Spanish Olive dish could be used for crudite or other appetizers and dips as well.

Chopstick Rest & Chopsticks Besides this being the cutest thing ever it adds a bit of lightness to any dinner party. Its a perfect house warming gift or for yourself. The chopsticks are beautiful as the little edamame are cute.

Rainbow Hors D’oeuvres Set Dress up your apps easily and give yours guests a place to discard their food pics. You can even decorate the set because it is plain white.

Hidden Animal Mugs Hidden Animal Mugs…Yes, please! What a fun little trick to play on guests. I really haven’t seen something so simply clever. I understand the hidden animal serves no purpose other than to be different but it adds a little touch to your dinner party.

Blink Ketchup & Mustard Bottles I know these aren’t the sassiest item on this menu but they are definitely different. The Ketchup & Mustard Bottles have a little more personality that regular old bottles or store brand ones.


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