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OK, men the time has come! No more french vanilla or japanese cherry blossom candles for you.  An insightful 13 year old has helped you get the smells you have always longed for.  Heart Main has developed a line of manly scented candles that are gaining momentum.  ManCans are being sold in over 20 different locations and in over 10 different states.  You can also order online if you are in the mood for a candle smelling like Grandpa’s Pipe or freshly Cut Grass.  If you are a bolder guy maybe you would like to try New York Style Pizza or Bacon scent.  For the classic man perhaps New Mitt, Sawdust or Campfire??? Sounds yummy right??

What I love about ManCans is a 13 year old boy came up with this idea after making fun of his little sister having to sell candles for a fundraiser. Hart seems to be a very active boy who got a job for start up cash and promoted the hell out of his candles to get it started while being a student, running road races , swimming for a swim team or running triathlons he is doing alot more than I can say for most men I know.

Not only is this child an entrapenur and athlete but he is concerned about the environment and social responsiblity.  All of the cans used are recycled soup cans (give the candles their manly look) but all paper used is recycled as well.  He looks for places to donate soup to locally to help feed the homeless!

If you have any single daughters you better start sending Heart some Facebook requests ASAP before he gets too rich &  famous and starts dating one of the Kardashians or a Disney starlet!

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys


  1. Tom Lynch says:


    Love your idea,, can you please e-mail me priceing and wholesale price. I would love to try and sell your product in my store.

    Please e-mail me and we will go from there,

    Thnk you.

    Tom Lynch
    The Corner Store
    Newport Richey, Florida

    • Fashionista Jonz says:

      Hi Tom,

      It isn’t my idea. You should contact ManCans themselves but thanks! I like the idea as well.


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