Maternity Can Be Cool in the Summer Too

Currently I have a bunch of friends and family members that are preggers. I know that maternity has changed a ton since my mother was pregnant with me. I never really paid much attention to maternity clothes so I figured I had to check them out myself to see what I was missing and I actually found some super cute items I think any pregnant lady should never do without!

Long Sleeve Cascade Maternity Sweater I absolutely love tie dye! Well not all tie dye but this kind is a definite yes!! I want to actually buy this! It’s comfy simple and you can match it with almost everything!

Loved By Heidi Klum Short Sleeve Deep V-neck Empire Waist Maternity Tunic I love stripes! At least they aren’t vertical or horizontal. You can wear leggings or use a cardi or not either way you can make it last through multiple seasons.

Bailey 44 Short Sleeve Banded Bottom Maternity Blouse This simple shirt is exactly what everyone one is wearing now. You can dress it up or down which makes it a necessity for any busy woman. It also looks incrediby comfy!

Lavish By Heidi Klum Pull On Style Ponte 5 Pocket Slim Leg Maternity Pants Well if Heidi Klum says its in than it is gospel. These pants are crazy cute! I know not everyone is comfortable in heels especially if they are pregnant but flats are just as good. These pants do all of the talking.

Splendid (VF Contemporary)

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