Mazzy Star

I was feeling in a completely 90′s mood one day a few months ago and was going through as many bands as I could remember from my teenage years and one of my faves that I had forgotten about was Mazzy Star.
I really don’t know much about them and even read up on Wikipedia but lets be honest their short career isn’t that interesting just their music. I’m not sure what it is about Mazzy that makes me all melodic but I recommend it on a day when it is gloomy out or on a day when you have love on your mind. The vocals are soo soothing. Besides reminding me of good happy times of my youth Mazzy just puts me in whimsical mood. Mazzy Star is supposed to be releases their new album in late 2012 so lets keep our fingers crossed because I would totally enjoy some more music from them!!
Incase you have no effing idea who Mazzy Star is making me feel beyond ancient click Fade Into You and listen to one of their most popular songs.  I have other faves but you may recongnize Mazzy Star from this one.  Listen and Enjoy!!

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