More of My Winter Playlist

I know I keep saying this but this new play list is the best yet! I cannot stop listening to these songs over and over. I love playing songs until I almost hate them. I am not sure why but that is my habit which is probably why my play lists are always so short. These songs all keep me in the pre-Spring moment. I can almost smell the awesomeness.


The Smiths This Charming Man
The Smiths are obviously not a new band but they are one of my all time favorites. This Charming Man is on the top 5 lists of my favorite songs in the universe! There is no better for me. The music combined with the lyrics make me bouncy and excited everytime I hear it. I have yet to play this song out until I can’t deal with listening to it ever again. If you have never heard of The Smiths you should look into them right away. I generally like sad depressing tunes but this is one of their lest suicidal feeling, I promise.




Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining I have never heard of Rilo Kiley before but it came up on my Pandora (as usual) and I downloaded it immediately. This is my number 1 top played song for the past 2 weeks. I refuse to stop listening to it until I know every word by heart and can sing it with out the music. The song seems like a girl power song but way cooler. I really like the music the lyrics are just an added bonus.



The Bird and The Bee – Heard It On The Radio
The Bird and The Bee are quickly becoming my favorite band ever! Their music makes me get up and dance almost uncontrollably. I know many of their songs I have heard are covers but I don’t care they do them almost better than the original. Not to mention those MF’s are way hot! You need to google them ASAP! Their electronic backgrounds make everything they to light, upbeat and airy! LOVES THEM!!!!!



Deep Cotton – We’re Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out (Dirty Virgin) [Explicit] I am not sure if you remember that speaker commercial with the group of people in suits dancing on what looked like astro-turf but the song in the commercial was soo fun I had to find it. It took me a little bit but I finally found it and am glad I did. I do wish I had some astro-turf to display my sweet moves but nonetheless I will make due with my carpet at home! This song is super fun and perfect for cleaning the house because once it is on you can’t help but move. Keeps you super motivated!





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