Cutting For Stone

Cutting for Stone

I have been longing to join a book club forever.  However getting a proper group together isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Finally, one of my cousins said she and some of her friends had started one and asked me to join which really just made me the happiest Fashionista ever!! I couldn’t wait to join! Cutting for Stone is my first book club book! I only started reading it yesterday and it is quite a few pages but I am definitely up for the challenge.
While also newly joining this club I thought perhaps some of my other Fashionistaz might have the same love of books and no where to express it so here is my offer to you loverly Fashionitsazz. If you would like to join this club please do! Purchase the book either electronically or the actual book and we will have a little more than a month to read it. September 16th is the evening of my next book club meeting and I want to collect insight from its members so we will say September 17th will be our virtual meeting! I will give my input in a post and you can feel free to comment. I will also include the insight I collected from the club on the 16th.  I hope you are all just as excited as I am.  Feel free to send me suggestions on other books you would like to read if Cutting for Stone

So, I had my book club meeting and we had quite a few questions to ask and answer.
1. What does Cutting for Stone really mean? I know maybe seems silly but besides being the name written on notes for Shiva it is a part of the Hippocratic oath relating to bladder stones.

2. Who was your favorite character? I was actually torn between Hema and Shiva. I really adored how Hema took on the role of a mother, wife and leader inside and out of the hospital. I loved her for loving those babies so much, even when she didn’t have to. As for Shiva, I had assumptions that he might have has some sort of Asperger’s Syndrome but his social behavior I liked that he got so wrapped up in medicine and didn’t even go through proper school just learned by observation and became so dedicated after that one experience he had had with that poor girl.

3. What did you learn about Ethiopia’s history that you didn’t know before? I have to admit I knew next to nothing about Ethiopia to begin with and I still really only know what was in the book. I didn’t realize what a strong presence Italy had really been when Mussolini was in power that I guess had stayed as a part of the Ethiopian culture after the fact.

4. What was the saddest loss in the story? I thought there were many but the most I think was Sister Mary Joesph Praise. You knew next to nothing about her she was just as much of a mystery to the reader as she was to her own boys. I wanted to learn more about her but I guess being kept in the dark was part of the authors intentions.

We talked in depth about all of these questions and others that we got from here. If you want to discuss anything or have your own questions or comments please comment below! I would love feedback.

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