My Day At The Spa

Save 10% off on orders over $25 with code APPLE. (Ends 9.30.11)This weekend my boyfriend woke me up with the best gift ever! He told me he got me a day at the spa out of the blue because I work so hard! Needless to say the ladies at the spa were swooning over my bf the entire time I was there because of this. I was in for a day of beauty which I seriously needed. I haven’t had a massage or any spa treatments in years.  I usually do my own treatments at home which is a fun activity I like to do.
I was booked for a 50 minute hot stone massage, the signature facial and hot towel foot treatment! Whatever I did to deserve this I need to keep doing it because I could get used to this. This was a little more than two hours of pure bliss let me tell you. I have been working out alot and working even more. I can usually feel the knots in my back on a daily basis.
I have never had a hot stone massage before but have always wanted one, which the bf was well aware of. This was one of the best massages I have ever had. I also have to briefly have to mention that my massage therapist was a girl I actually went to high school with and we weren’t necessarily friends so being naked in front of her was a bit awkward mostly because as with most women’s body’s I am not a 100% satisfied with my fitness. This massage was soo good that I left the awkwardness on the chair with my clothes. I am one of those people that enjoy incredibly hot showers so when I was told the stones are heated to 125 degrees I was super excited. The stones mixes with oils and hands was exceptional for releasing tension in my muscles. I could feel the knots melt away all over my body. I didn’t realize until I flipped form my back to my front I felt like jello.
Next was the hot towel foot treatment. Really hot, steamy towels were wrapped around my feet while they got a massage of their own. Once my the towels cooled the towels were removed and a sugar scrub was massaged onto the feet. I exfoliate my feet daily but their sugar scrub with the lotions and oils the spa used made my feet feel extra amazing.
Next, was my facial. I haven’t had a massage years it has been even longer since I’ve had a facial I haven’t made for myself. First was a steamed towel wrapped around my face, next was a mild scrub and facial massage, then some lotion and another cooler towel.
I have to tell you I totally needed this. It has been a long time since I have taken time out for myself which I know we all forget to do. I say go for it. If you have to save up the money or ask for it for a birthday or holiday gift to it. You will feel like a new person afterwards. (Steiner Leisure Limited)

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