My Fantabulous Winter Playlist

My new winter playlist is the best mix I have had yet! I can’t stop listening to any of the songs for even a few hours! The mix is ecclectic but completely perfect for my recent moods and to keep our warm during these silly cold days and nights.  I have been in such need for good tunes to life my winter woes! This playlist is on when I am cleaning, working out, cooking, driving! You name it.  These are only a few of my favorites that I think everyone should have on their lists.

I Was Made For Sunny Days makes me think of summer says that will soon be here! I am not sure why I am into folksy type music lately but whatever the reason I am totally diggin it. This song is light, airy and fun. Everytime it comes on I am in full on dance party mode (usually in the car but what can you do).


Eager For Your Love This song has made my life lately.  This is yet another pandora find that has become a favorite! This song speaks to me currently which is probably why I cannot get enough of it. The song has a longing sound feel to it but the music says something entirely different which is why I think I like it so much.

If you have never heard of The Bird and The Bee you are seriously missing out. My Love just makes me happy! I cannot stop dancing or singing everytime I hear it. There is no way around it. Once you hear it I promise you won’t want to listen to anything else ever!


A friend if mine introduced me to this song and I am beyond glad that he did because the beat in this song is just asking for a dance party or for you to free style. Thrift Shop by Macklemore, is almost cute if you are someone who appreciates the 90′s and the white rapper stylings that came with it. Anyone who is someone can totally drop it like its hot to this little diddy.

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