My Mini B-Day Vacay

My Mini Birthday Vacay

My Mini Birthday Vacay



Last Friday started my mini b-day vacay which has been unusually interesting. This is the first year in I am not sure how many years I am single. It is the first year some really important people were missing out on the festivities which I am both happy and sad about. This year’s vacation has been quite different from previous years for one too many reasons and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all of that. While trying to reflect on the differences (as birthdays do tend to make us or maybe it’s just me reflect on the years prior) I realized there were some consistencies that I think I turn to on almost all vacations. I was wondering if everyone does this, even world travelers. I can’t be the only highly routined individual even when relaxing, can I? I know whilst most people plan far away trips to get away from it all I actually prefer to say home. It is one of my favorite places to be. Shoot, I spend so much time cleaning and organizing it I should want to be home all of the time unfortunately I get to spend next to no time there.  Now that I have left you in suspense of what my vacation go to activities are I will divulge to you my comforting routines that keep my never resting mind mildly at ease.


1. Watching My Favorite Movies
Sliding Doors is almost always the first. I cannot go very long with out not watching it. There are so many reasons I love this movie that I don’t think I will ever get over it.
Pride & Prejudice is a must but the 2005 version. I have mentioned why I swoon for this particular verion in previous posts. Read, learn and repeat. Another must is usually Jane Eyre
as well asWuthering Heights (People don’t write with that kind of beauty anymore.) and then if I have tired out other Bronte sister or Jane Austen remakes I usually turn to Will Ferrell marathon which never disappoints.

2. Cleaning Out The Clutter and Reorganizing
I give myself this project almost every time I have a few days off at a time. I don’t know if that is strictly my OCD getting the better of me or some subconscious metaphor explaining my life and existence. It is probably the last bit of Catholic in me that refuses to be purged and wants me to punish myself for spending so much money all of the time on pretty things. I went shopping for organizational furniture as well which is something I promised myself I wouldn’t do but I couldn’t help it. Everything has a place and everything should be in it at all times! This from a woman who apparently now has 4 pets! So you can imagine how often my day is sucked up by cleaning and organizing.

3. Cook Like My Life Depends On It
I usually compile a list of recipies to make while I have the time. My favorite place to find fun recipeis is I am on there daily trying to see what goodies I can find.  I like to cook large amounts of food at one time and freeze or give away whatever I won’t eat right away.  I do not know what it is about a fridge full of homemade food that makes me happy other than I am a fatty but nevertheless it does. I like to experiment with cooking and feel a certain sense of accomplishment when the recipe comes out right.

4. Spend time with the Furbs.
I work long hours and weekends are so busy I often feel like a neglectful pet owner because they spend more time with out me than with. I try to give each one their very own love and attention daily but some days are more hectic than others. Sometimes one pet seems to need it more than others but when I have time off I get to sleep in with them, snuggle them anytime I want, play with them and generally harrass them until they hate me and wish I were at work all day.

5. Buy Myself Birthday Presents
I have been buying myself birthday presents since I moved out of my parents house in my very early 20′s. The list usually goes as follows: a new Betsey Johnson bag or 2, a few new outfits shoes included, bath and body stuff and usually some spruce my house up, which probably clearly doesn’t help with the aforementioned clutter I spend too much time trying to alleviate my living space from.  I make sure all of my prezzies are delivered before my vacation begins so I have it ready and waiting for any birthday week festivities.

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