My New Elliptical


In my race to be skinny (a battle I have been losing for the past 5 years….oh 31 years) I purchased myself a new elliptical in hopes of  jump starting that New Years resolution that I was sooo into and got much less into by about January 5th.  This sure does happen every year doesn’t it?  I have the My Fitness Pal App,subscribe to The Daily Burn, healthy recipes galore, I try all of the little tips I read about burning more calories daily however the one big, most important thing that will inevitably help me is regularly working out, and that is the one thing I can’t seem (a.k.a. don’t want) to find time for.  Yes, I am aware it is an excuse.  I know what I have to do and I just don’t do it.  I have no real right to complain and can make all the excuses in the world but I know what will work and I am just not doing it.  I am sure this super fab new elliptical I just purchased will slowly but surely collect dust in my living room but I will have it.  This elliptical will stare me in the face every time my lazy behind sits on the couch with my glass of wine and tub of ice cream laughing judgmentally at me saying you could be on me getting your sweat on but no please relax those over weight appendages of yours on the couch and watch all the Real Housewives your mind can handle before it turns into mush.
I think the most important part of this particular piece exercise equipment is that I spend like 4 hours putting that stupid thing together all by myself! I sure as hell am going to use it! Right?  I must however let whom ever writes/designs directions for these things know they need to be fired! It was like attempting to decipher hieroglyphs. Thank goodness I am excellent at looking at pictures because those directions were awful. I need like 1st grade reading level instructions for that kind of thing with pictures and arrows.
The first time I used the elliptical my super round, extra jiggly, caboose lasted about 10 minutes before I wanted to die! I remember now why I love yoga so much, less bouncing and more stretching. Either way I have been slowly working my way back to the hour I used to be able to do with ease. I am kind of really ashamed of myself for not being able to stay on there longer but you have to start somewhere right? Either way I am doing what I must to get sexy by whenever!
I appreciate that the elliptical fits perfectly between my chair and wall. My kitty isn’t happy that his bed had to be moved but he will get over it eventually I hope. The only thing I don’t love about my new elliptical is the handles. They kind of hit me when I am pulling back on them. I feel like they should be facing the other way (again this could be my mis-interpretation of the directions) but I am not even going to attempt to take them off and put them back now.  Other than that my little elliptical is in the process of putting me back to rights! I am hoping sooner rather than later but that is really up to me.  I have to get into my exercise mode which I have lost somewhere in between my larger pant sizes and my desire for long afternoon naps.

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