My New Fave Rings!

I just received an e-mail from stating that their fashion rings are 30% off which means I need to go shopping! In my quest to find super awesome rings I couldn’t begrudge you the opportunity to look as cute as I will!

Smooth Cone RingnOir Smooth Cone Ring
This ring is simple but super hot! Its retro/rock chic. You can wear it with everything. The simple elegance to this ring make sure you can wear it for years to come. It is a little edgy but smooth at the same time.

nOir “Novelty” Brooklyn BridgeThis one kind of makes me feel like Fergie! My London London Bridge is Falling down! Granted this is the Brooklyn Bridge I am going to pretend it is the London one lol.

Pigs Fly nOir Novelty “Fig” The Flying Pig Ring This is probably the coolest animal ring I have ever seen! Not only is it a pig but a biker pig! I think men and women alike need to have this piece.

nOir For Barbie Convertible 2-Finger Dream House RingI am in love beyone words with this ring! Just to put it out there my birthday is this month and if anyone would like to buy this for me it would make my year! Please and thank you!

nOir For Barbie 4 Stud Pyramid RingI am in love! I am a Barbie Girl Living in a Barbie World!! How uber cute is this ring and really not too expensive.

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