Oh Noooo It’s Mono!!

I am always a fan of educational fun! What could be more beneficial than teaching your children about keeping clean and staying healthy? Children never really fully grasp the concept of germs and this is a fun way for them to learn about them without it being scary. Personally I think this Monoplush couldn’t get anymore fabulous but I have had mono and that was not soo cute. I literally caught mono from my mother who had it and kissed me goodbye as I left for school one morning. We were both stuck sick at home for a long time and I missed being in my school play The Little Mermaid!!!! If I had my Mono plush when I was little I definitely would have made sure my mom stayed far away while she was sickies!

The Kissing Disease

The Kissing Disease

Toys that Teach Kids About Staying Healthy from GIANTmicrobes


GIANTmicrobesaren’t just for teaching children but can be gift for a teacher, germaphobe, or anyone who might just think they are as cute and funny as I do.  GIANTmicrobes can even be for your pets who I have been fighting with nonstop to give me my Mono back! I never thought I would be saying that, let me tell you.  GIANTmicrobes also offer vinyl versions of their super sick makers as collectibles, hats, ties, mugs, shirts, cleaning items and of course thermometer!
Ultimately the prices are right, the designs are great and the merchandise is cohesive. I really admire businesses that push education at any level. Yes, GIANTmicrobesmay be making light of un-fun stuff but that is the best way to get people to pay attention. If you haven’t seen GIANTmicrobes you should visit their site asap


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