Personal Chef to Go

I am always in the market for a new diet or something to help me get my edge on my never ending quest for skinniness. I have never tried  food delivery diets because I always thought they were too expensive and processessed food is soo not my scene. I did a little research and found Personal Chef To Go, Inc. who delivers fresh meals right to your door and the meals won’t cost you all of your shopping spree money for the next 6 months.

Here is how it works:

1. Figure out which meal service/menu is best for your lifestyle: Busy Singles, Couples on the Go, or Family Favorites and the frequency of delivery desired; one-time delivery or recurring weekly, bi-weekly auto-ship service. The weekly or bi-weekly options reduce the shipping costs.

2. Select the current menu or the next week’s and the quantity of meal plans that you would like.

3. Place your order online. Personal Chef To Go, Inc. will prepare your meals and rush ship them to your home by Saturday (in some cases deliveries might arrive one day earlier) via Fed-ex.

My menu was delicious! I had Jerk Chicken Salad and Curried Shrimp Salad for lunch that were insanely fresh which to be honest I really wasn’t expecting. All of the vegetables crunched perfectly and tasted as if I packed that salad that morning. The meal portions were spot on. For my dinners I had Crab Cakes and Tarragon Chicken each had vegetable sides. As I mentioned above I have never tried meal delivery plans before so I’m not sure if any other food delivery companies serve food so fresh but Personal Chef To Go, Inc. really exceeded my expectations. I could eat fresh meals like this for ever and save the time of cooking meals.  Family’s could totally benefit from this service, keeping meal prep time down so everyone has more time to spend together and time for themselves.

I assumed the plans would be costly for food this fresh but the Family Favorites plan is only $85 a week. That is much less than I spend on groceries for a week for my house and that plan includes either 4 servings of each meal (16 dinners) or 2 servings of each meal (8 dinners) what can be shipped weekly or bi-weekly.
I also commend the packaging of the meals. You get a reusable cooler and ice packs that keep your food cool during delivery. Coolers and ice packs totally comes in handy for summer pic nics and beach days. Its almost like free gifts with purchase! That always makes you feel better about spending any money.

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