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Plexus is another one I have been wanting to try. I have always been a bit round and although I eat right and exercise regularly nothing seems to help. I see people everywhere trying Plexus all over the place so I figure it has to be doing something for people. This is yet another reason why I enjoy these online events so much because you get to participate and interact with the rep as well as learn about the products without having to leave your home where you can ask all of the questions you need and get one on one attention from the representative.

About me: My name is April. I’m a busy mom to three children. 1 girl (19) and 2 boys (3) and (1). I’ve battled with weight my entire life and I’ve lost it all and gained it back. After these last two children it seems I have no control over cravings because let’s face it for me stress equals EAT FOOD for me! I was on the fence about Plexus for an entire year and I finally decided I needed help and my happiness and health was worth the price! I decided to become an Ambassador with Plexus because I want to let people in on this product. Plexus is amazing. It does amazing things for your body. I have just begun my journey and I cannot wait to post pictures of my success. I have a few testimonials from other Plexus customers I want to share:

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