Red Bottom Red-iculousness

Red Bottom Reciculousness
Red Bottom Red-iculousness

You know the old school of thought that if you had money you would never discuss it because it was improper? Or if you spend a crap ton on something you never mentioned it because it was in poor taste. I have been noticing lately that has become a pretty lame trend for people who really probably can’t even afford what it is they are purchasing to let everyone know what they purchased or which designer and act like they wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less. The only problem is besides it being obvious that you can’t really afford the designer items you are flaunting but that your money could be better spent elsewhere.
I keep seeing on reality shows these people saying stupid things like “My closet full of red bottoms” or “I won’t wear that I wear red bottoms” or even worse making fun of people who buy knock offs. When did it become cool to spend large sums of money on items that only 1% can afford? I like designer items, I like to splurge once in a while but I prepare for it. I see nothing cool in dropping $1000 on bags or shoes or any other luxury item for any reason even if you can afford it. I think everyone’s money is better spent in other ways.
Why drive yourself or someone else to the poor house because you want to emulate celebs? You do know they don’t actually have to spend the money on those items because usually they are gifted to them or discounted or even written off so those of you actually spending the money to have what celebs do are the real idiots. The people smart enough to wait for sales or buying knock offs are the smart ones because eventually when you are broke and have nothing but a bunch of red bottoms to show as your success in life you won’t be laughing then.  You can also tell who can really afford the luxury because you will never hear them mention it ever.  They don’t have to let the world know who designed their shoes or bags because they have a little thing called CLASS.
I can only say to you name droppers that every time you mention your red bottoms that you are actually telling the world “Look I just spent an entire months pay (or more) on a handbag I will only be able to use for 3 months until it is out of season (which the name dropper probably doesn’t even know this little tid bit) but I bought it because the Kardashians had it and that makes me better than you.” While the rest of the world is thinking “I am pretty sure she is going to be on welfare soon because she makes next to minimum wage while trying to support her children and could probably have used that money to get a nicer place to live since every time she takes a pic of her in her red bottoms her home looks like its about to be condemned any minute”. I just thought you would like to know since no one else seems to be telling people this.

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