RIP Whitney

By now you have all heard about the tragedy of Whitney Houston’s death.  Her cause of death is still unknown but maybe for now that is a good thing.  Despite whatever problems she had or might have been going through she was and still is a superstar! Many of us remember her beautiful voice, hilarious reality show and perhaps her on and off again situation with Bobby Brown.  Many of Whitney’s hits bring back so many good memories for me personally.  He upbeat lively music and even some of her sultry ballads were with me during pivotal times in my life.  I am sad she is no longer with us and though I clearly didn’t know her personally I think we all are aware we have lost one more person to the world of fame and money.  Whatever happiness her talent had given her the same talent gave her just as many drawbacks.  That being said we shouldn’t focus on the negativity of it.  We should try to remember the positive things. In case you are too young to remember Whitney or never were a fan of hers maybe you should be. Here are some great albums and such that you should get in on.

Whitney Houston (The Deluxe Anniversary Edition) (CD/DVD)A deluxe anniversary edition with music and video! A great way to become a new fan or remember someone who touched you through her music.

Whitney Houston: Return of the Diva A great story about Whitney’s beginnings and comeback! Everyone loves a good comeback story right? You can really get to know who this amazing musician really was.

Whitney Houston – The Greatest Hits Whitney’s greatest hints are full of good times and good memories. If you weren’t a fan before you will be after hearing her fab famous songs.

Whitney Houston A biography of Whitney Houston. You can learn all about her from beginning to end. Learn what she had to go through before she became one of the most famous female voices in the world and after she had more fame than anyone would know what to do with.

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