Shah’s of Sunset

Shah's of Sunset
Shah’s of Sunset

New fave show alert!!!! Ok this is crazy crappy television but I don’t care it’s hilarious. This is yet another show about super rich brats that wouldn’t be caught dead in anything that wasn’t designer or going to a place that wasn’t enviable.  Blahblahblah… I am getting sick of the  super rich personally I really want to see reality shows about normal regular people doing what normal regular people do (not teen mom). I think that would be really interesting.  I know this cast has to be rich or they would be the laughing stock and it would be soo terrible blahblahblah.   I know it sounds like I am bashing the show and perhaps the cast but even after all of the mean things I am about to say I did really enjoy watching it.  Let me break it down for you! 

Reza is pretty much the most fabulous one on the show! I love him and think he is amazeballo but the Chester Molester stache has to go! All throughout the episode you see photos of a younger Reza and he looks like a super hottie. His voice kills me and I love him nuf said! He is successful and clearly a strong individual to be able to come out in a society that puts a seriously negative spin on homosexuality. He knows who he is and what he wants and so you kind of let the stache slide a bit.  I love that his long time bestie is MJ who I also love and think they make the best couple.  They make me smile.

MJ clearly the Reza’s bestie for multiple reasons.  MJ is the chubbier of the chicks (which I love), super cute and determined to never get married which I really think is just a Bridget Jones-esque complex. Just because her mother picks at her in every way possible (as do many nationalities of mothers) and her parents were divorced I think its less of being the assertive confident 30 something successful woman that doesn’t need a man and more of the completely insecure terrified of letting someone that close issue. I do love her and think she should embrace her success and herself so she can realize that she is a catch.  When she is finally OK with herself she will find some one to love her.

Sammy I am convinced is gay but won’t admit it. At his age he is still feeling he need to keep whoring around and can only assume he doesn’t care if he is taking home grenades and ladies can only be interested in his money. I thought when I first saw him he was in his mid 40′s. I don’t hate on him for being successful but I can only assume most of these cast members clearly had family help and connections and even if they didn’t I feel like they probably would have money from Mommy and Daddie anyway. Sammy is also good friends with MJ and I feel like she is a good catch but he isn’t trying to bed her (She is a mega catch esp for him) sooo it leads me to think he hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality yet.

Asa is the bohemian I guess of the group. I think although she is original and an artists and perhaps has a good story to tell I see her as less of an envelope pusher and more of a there are too many cookie cutter Persians so here I will make my niche. I always find people who talk the most about being original and different from the group inside really want to be like them but because there are too many queen bees they step outside the box a little. The unfortunate part is everyone kind of sees that this is her schtick. She must have money to be hanging with the rest of the richies and if she were so bohemian I feel like she wouldn’t be hanging out with a group of money loving label whores that are all about being rich. I feel the bohemian artist is not the correct title for her.

Mike is the Persian equivalent of Ronnie and that is about all I have to say. I can respect he made good financial choices and even hit bottom as he says with he real estate collapse but worked to build himself back up. I believe he probably had family money and help but I could be wrong. He basically seems like a douche but I will give him a chance since there has only been 1 episode but he showed enough to let us know he is a crazy mama’s boy, must always be looking good, he def GTL’s and I think something is going on with him and GG. Their relationship seems much like Ronnie’s and Sam’s so we shall see as the season develops.

GG well she is no where near as sweet and cuddly as Gigi from Jerseylicious but I am assuming that is what the producers want. She says at one point that she doesn’t like two things in this world ants and ugly people. I guess when you have that kind of money no one wants to tell you that you are the ugly one huh? She isn’t cute and her overly aggressive attitude makes it worse. Her style is cute but she is basically a waste of life. She doesn’t work, drains daddies bank account and is proud of it and spends all of this time trying to look good for Mr. Right but I think she is missing the big picture. No one wants to marry a rich bitch that has nothing to offer except a vag. I have only seen the first episode but if she isn’t going to work can’t she do charity work or be a positive contribution to society. I kind of think its lame to be soo into spending money and name brands when you didn’t make it and aren’t planning to either. But that is just me.

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