Shape Up Time

Tone-ups Fitness - Ready Set

Tone-ups Fitness – Ready Set

I recently purchased a pair of SKECHERS “Tone-Ups” in hopes of kicking up my sexy for summer goal. I see many women wearing them but I haven’t heard anything spectacular about them yet. I get having Kim Kardashian endorse a product it is surely going to be popular but what about people, like myself, that aren’t soo in shape to begin with? How do they feel about these alleged “Tone-Ups”? Come to think of it I don’t think of it I have seen anyone who is out of shape in Shape-ups of any kind. Well then I must take this challenge for myself and for Fat America!
I found a pair that were on sale because I am not athletic enough to justify spending $100 on sneakers which could be part of the problem but I digress, by Friday I had my new body shaping shoes! I couldn’t get the original shape-ups because they look like something my grandmother might be into. Reebok definitely had the right idea about their design but SKECHERS has finally caught up.
I have been walking them, working out in them and even just standing in them. My butt and back definitely felt it after the first day. After my first real workout I felt a different kind of hurt even. I did a hard lower body workout and while working out I felt the “burn” in my legs immediately and more than I usually do. I was afraid that the next day would be more painful than usual because of these damn shoes!. I was expecting to not be able to walk the next day but no I felt amazing. My body was tired but no real pain. I felt kind of in shape like my muscles were finally digging out from under the flab. I wasn’t sore and regretting my workout. My butt and thighs felt almost plump and not the usual plump from their jiggling.
As for now I give the SKECHERS Tone-Ups two buns up! They are still new and I am still testing my Tone-Ups out but my lower back has been hurting less and I am almost positive my tush is on its way to  holding up a cup! I hope somewhere out there I might hear from some of you other fabulously full ladies to let me know if you have ever tried any of the Shaping shoes. They have a zillion different styles you can wear year round which if I like these I may just have to invest in!


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